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Ika Weekly Newspaper Frowns At Current State Of Traffic Lights In Agbor

Oct 13, 2023

Ika Weekly Newspaper Frowns At Current State Of Traffic Lights In Agbor, Calls On State Government To Expedite Action On Mariere Street Project

In line with its corporate vision of promoting good governance within and outside Delta state, the Ika Weekly Newspaper frowns at the state Government’s lack of willingness to repair and bring to efficiency the three (3) nonfunctional traffic lights installed a few years ago at strategic junctions along the old Lagos-Asaba Road, a major road in the ancient commercial city of Agbor, Delta state, Nigeria.

The Newspaper is equally displeased with the shoddy state, and near abandoned construction project at the Mariere Street, a major, and arguably one of the longest streets in Ika South Local Government Council.

The inability of the state and local Councils to repair and complete these twin projects has painfully brought to our conscientiousness that those in the position of authority within the state are still in the habit of discharging governance with leisurely approach.

Like every well-meaning Ika indigene, Ika Weekly Newspaper is particularly not happy with the chaotic condition that reigns at Owa Ekei Junction, Old Abraka intersection and of course the College Road junctions where these failed traffic lights were hitherto installed to promote orderliness, prevent accidents and facilitate easy flow of traffic.


In the same light, the news organization is not in any way pleased with the excruciating pains residents of Mariere Street are exposed to as a result of the government’s failure to complete a project that ought not to last beyond three months.

While the Newspaper sympathizes with the residents, the most troubling questions that begs for answer(s) are; who is the contractor handling the project? Why is the state government/Local Government not doing anything to drag this contractor back to the site to complete this all-important project?  Is the inability to monitor and enforce timely completion on the part of the government not a sign of a bunch that is tackling socio economic challenges in the state with the same mentality used when those problems were created?

One thing is certain! The state will not continue in the old order of doing things that promoted the state democracy deficit in the past 23years.

It is on this note that the News organization calls on the Elder Sheriff Oborevwori led Delta state government to revisit and review these failed projects with a view to finding sustainable solutions.

Deltans are indeed tired of dwelling in a state where abandoned and half-baked projects reign supreme.

The best time to act is now!

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