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Jan 2, 2021
insecurity in 2020insecurity in 2020

A tradomedical practitioner and business man based in Agbor, Chief Yomi Odunselu Hassan has warned that security in 2021 will be worse than 2020 if the Presidency did not take proactive steps or address  the security challenges in the country, adding that with the Presidents body language, it is obvious that he is not considering that  the different tribes in the nation will seek for segregation and secede.

He made this assertion in a chat with our correspondent at his residence in Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area recently.


Chief Hassan described the outgoing year as the worse he has so far experienced since he was born but noted that 2021 would be worse if certain issues are not addressed by the political class in the nation. He added that although was a terrible year for many, yet for politicians, it was undoubtedly the best as they have amassed so much ill gotten wealth in the guise name of tackling COVID-19.

Screenshot_2020-12-30-14-37-12 INSECURITY: 2021 WILL BE WORSE THAN 2020 IF… Yomi Hassan

He recalled that another terrible experience in was the END SARS protest which took so many lives and yet the Government Huntley refused to address issues holistically rather they resorted to harassing and locking up the protesters, freezing their assets and seizing ; travel documents a situation which he said could ignite future protest which could be catastrophic. The continuous call for the sack of the current service chiefs by a vast number of Nigerians has remained ignored by the president.

This no doubt, re-affirms the narrative that the president has little or regard for the populace.  To further explain how the Nigerian situation has deteriorated, he pointed out that “It is Soldiers that are now mounting road blocks and collecting bribes not just Police. Why are they not in their barracks? Or better still why are they not in Sambisa forest fighting Boko – Haram that is supposed to be their  job, not harassing innocent citizens of this country” he said.

Again, he decried the Nepotistic and Tribalistic stance of the government. “Most of the senior military officers from Eastern, Western or other tribes except for the Fulani tribe are being forced to retire and yet we claim we are one Nigeria. There is a strong agenda to Islamize Nigeria and trying to suppress and subdue other tribes is a sure way of achieving that purpose” he maintained.

Speaking further, he noted that the ban on church gathering was a wrong step as almost everyone wants to enter the New Year in their various churches but advised that churches should be allowed to do their End of the service but adhere strictly to the COVID-19 preventive measures.

He noted that to show how bad things have gone in the country, before the opening of Nigeria land borders, some persons were calling for the borders to be opened for Dangote hence he wondered if some persons were above the laws of the land.

He maintained that if things are not done differently in 2021 from that of 2020, will be better off, because the rate at which people will die, will be very alarming he said.

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