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May 5, 2024


By Nicholas Ebegboni

The world has been closely watching the political tensions between Iran and Israel as the war between them has continue to escalate. This conflict has sparked fears of a potential third world war, with many experts and analysts weighing in on the situation.

One of these voices is Chief Yomi Odunselu Hassan, a Nigerian public analyst, who has made a startling prediction about the future, and how the conflict between these two nations may likely lead to third world war if not handled carefully.

Chief Hassan believes that the ongoing tensions between Iran and Israel has the potential to spiral out of control and ignite a global conflict. In his words, “the current situation is a ticking time bomb that might explode and lead to a disastrous global war.”

In the light of this prediction, Chief Hassan urge Nigerians to fervently pray for peace and stability in the world. He stressed that a third world war would not only result in massive loss of lives and destruction, but it would also have a significant impact on the global economy, including Nigeria’s. It is, therefore, “imperative for Nigerians to join hands in prayer to avert such a catastrophic event.” he posited.

He affirmed that the consequences of a third world war would be very grave for not only Iran and Israel but for the entire world, adding that in today’s interconnected and globalized world, no country will be spared from the effects of such a war, hence the need for Nigerians to pray for world peace is crucial.

Chief Hassan noted that his prediction on potential third world war resulting from the ongoing tensions between Iran and Israel is a wake-up call for all, and as Nigerians, we must heed this warning and join hands in prayer for peace to prevail.

He urged everyone to pray, saying that if one is a Muslim, you should pray to Allah, if a Christian, pray to God and if a traditionalist, pray through whatever medium, as he claimed that we are all serving the same God, except that the medium differs.

Let us not wait for a catastrophic event to occur before taking action, he said. ” Let us be proactive and do our part in preventing a potential global disaster, saying that prayer is our greatest weapon against war.” Chief Hassan quipped.

Speaking further he maintained that if there is global war today, Nigeria will be worst hit, adding that at the moment, we are suffering and if war breaks out, the suffering would double in folds.


He lamented that the country is backward in everything, as he wondered why the president of a country as large as Nigeria is, would go for an international conference and sleep throughout the conference only to come out after the event to read the script written for him to Nigerians.

According to him, the only thing that thrive in the country is corruption. “Imagine many former governors are afraid of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s probe; saying that the only thing that work in this country is corruption.”

“When parents are going to farm to uproot cassava to process into garri to sell so that they can raise Thirty Thousand Naira to pay their wards school fees for a term, a former governor is alleged to have paid his children’s school fees in dollar up to 2035 with money from the public coffers, this is totally unacceptable.” he lamented.

On the forthcoming local government election, he appealed to the youths to shun violence, saying they should remember that Ika is one, and should not allow political ambition of politicians to tear them apart. While he advised those who have served for three or four years to give other the opportunity to contribute their own quota in the system.

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