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Mar 10, 2024


Man is given a place of authority to be head over the woman and it is generally accepted that this authority is not limited by any means but extends to both in the family and work place.  These days, it is a woman’s world. Things have changed. The table has turned. Does that mean women are usurping men’s authority? The answer is no!

The fact is that women have woken up to the reality that they also have a place in destiny. Gone are the days when a woman’s worth was measured by the delicacy, she was able to prepare or how much she was able to take care of domestic responsibilities.

Today, things have changed and the woman’s education and worth go beyond the kitchen. Now, it is a woman’s world: building strength and capacity through courage and fortitude.

The usual perception that a woman is a weaker vessel is also taking a dramatic dimension, in that women are proving a stronger point nowadays. Kudos!

Women are building up their strength and socio-economic capacity to compete favorably with men in the realities of the new global order. So, who says a woman’s education ends in the kitchen?

Formidably, women are pushing their limits and breaking the bounds. You definitely can trust the strength of a woman when it comes to go-getting.

In today’s world, women have become advocates and opposition leaders. Amongst the high and mighty, every woman wants her voice to be heard. Women are no doubt influential and powerful and therefore cannot be undermined.

In the political or social arena, women have gained significant prominence, because women like men, have always wanted to prove that they worth their pride and prize, as in the maxim that what a man can do, women can do better.

In policy making, for example, never again can women be marginalized or underrated. The modern woman has come to a point where decision-making process, whether at home, in the office or in the political terrain, is seen as a plural and an all-inclusive responsibility and participation.

As a career woman, she maintains a status quo.  She works so hard, because naturally, work to a woman seems to be a sole raison d’etre, which is to say that work and earning her worth is very important part of a woman’s existence.

Besides, she always wants to hold her head up high. While still admitting that man is the boss, she would never trade her worth for anything in the world. Sensational and amazing, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, women are terrific; they are always making things right. Hitherto, women in past generations (like our mothers) were mere ‘yes sir’ kind of gender, taken every piece of order with loyalty and penchant.

Today’s women would not only want to resist, but also any impending effect exerted by men’s bossy superiority without taking into account any consequences make them feel ridiculously worthless before the men. And that, they don’t want – I think they really don’t want that, because men and women should have an equal status to increase their value in the society, at least so they feel. Their fear and uncertainty, I believe, gave room to the liberation struggle to have a place in the men’s world, putting their reputation on the places that matter.

That is what I call a positive opposition in order to have apt position in life, workplace or in the political arena.

For me, I think it is a right thing, because whether it is the men or women, both have to see the future as something inevitable. So, deciding for a worthy future is a welcome development and gender issue cannot place barrier for a woman who wants to make her future count. This is just truth.

In the Bible history for example, women, like Esther, Ruth and many more, were not only seen as quintessence of purity, obedience, loyalty and ingenuity, but they also proved their worth in all human endeavor. By that, their personal value increased immeasurably.

How best could anyone hold these women in high esteem better than the Bible account, which shows them to be quintessential of the spirit, labor and dignity, principled and purposeful!

If you ask me, I would tell you that they enhanced their lives in all ramifications and today they are in the history map for all eternity!

Supposing men intimidated them to remain in the passengers’ seat? That would not have only been jeopardy to a bright future, but also a tragedy for the women folk and posterity.

Relatively, whether you are a woman or man, it does not matter. We all have choices as to what we want out of life and the way to achieve it. You may decide to choose the path of those who are prime movers or you sink in mediocrity. However, the world and its space do not belong to men alone but it is also the woman’s world and purely their prerogative.

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