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Oct 29, 2023



Hmm, not what you are thinking! Rule, according to the Oxford Dictionary, means compulsory principle governing action, and a prevailing custom, standard or normal state of things; on the other hand, the same dictionary defines law as a rule enacted or customary in a community or forbidding certain actions.

Now, let us get it straight for the purpose of the illustration I want to make to draw a point home.  Humbly, I would like to say, with all sense of responsibility that it is okay to ‘break rules,’ provided there is no criminal intent to it. Many a time, I can count, there was a time certain persons strove to break away from normal traditional practice, and that is what I call ‘proactive innovation.’ Breaking away gives you the freedom to be separate and do things your own way. I mean those things that would be of interest and people will see and call you an outstanding person. The power is in your hand.  Think.

To be a unique person begins with having new ideas of your own, conceptualizing something new and bogus that sometimes makes people see you as being odd. Most of the time, it is the power of oddity that will help you to call attention to yourself, such that sooner than you thought, you find yourself at the top where you become famous and wealthy. Usual norms or traditional practice of doing things, which everyone else is doing, may not help you to advance your spirit of innovative, but rather, this may tie your idea down and limit you to a corner where your progress becomes of a dangerous consequence to achieve.

What I mean is that you can never break even unless you are able to break the ice. Nobody makes profit or loss by seen the impossible every day, and breaking the ice opens you up to begin to do those things people can see and consider to be uncommon or unconventional that is what it takes to be a leader and a pace-setter. The decision to disconnect and positively go against the normal practice should always remind you that you are on your way to stardom.  So, you must think of breaking certain status quo to make history. So many people had independently broken protocols and by that, they have become leaders and pacesetters. There may be some mistakes while breaking the rules, but it is okay to break the rule, provided the idea behind it is inspiring.



Obstacle is a bar, and a bar is anything that can restrict your advancement. On the other hand, innovation means bringing up new ideas and methods that can help to move you forward. Innovation, as it were, is paramount in everything and lack of it would jettison or restrict your whole process of breakthrough aspirations. Thus, if you fail to make plans to increase your innovative mind, you are already planning to fail. Someone simply defines innovation as “breaking into the old and bringing out the new.”

Great ideas come from great minds, and great minds evolve from great innovation. It is important, therefore, that you must have desire for creativity to be able to realize your dreams. I mean doing quality things that will make you different and outstanding. As it were, breaking away from what has been the traditional ways of doing things is, in fact, a more sustainable way to redefining creativity as a whole. Taking it a bit further, I would like to encourage you to be obsessed with the passion to advance with new ideas from the old system of practice. Innovation lays fallow in old ideas and it takes your efforts to break the ice and make a huge difference.  Creating new things out of the old bulk of ideas by your own initiative will help you to reach the high point of success.

Once again, you need to catch up with the moving train of innovation and advancement or you will soon be left behind. Find a niche for yourself. You can always be distinct, but that depends on how far or wide you are able to think. Today’s record-breakers started just by being innovative yesterday.

Please understand that if you are a creative person, innovation will not be a problem to have. ‘It is in you’ It is just a matter of a little push forward for you to hit the benchmark. Innovation really is in the creative ability or an embedded instinct that is in the inside of you to make new ideas come alive and become better. A creative mind inspires and pushes out the innovative spirit in you to become articulate, intuitive and an uncommon person, both in thinking and development.

It is the combination of creative and innovative instincts that will lead to inventions, and invention gives you exclusive privileges and rights in life. With these exclusives, I am sure you will have the world’s marketplace at your fingertips. Ask Mr. Gates or Dell, they will tell you better. Step up your creative mind; you can do more; break the barrier and set new standards. Life is a challenge and what you do today will determine your tomorrow.  Don’t take chances – take up challenges. Talking about tomorrow, you have all it takes to make it possible. The power is in you.



A popular product advert slogan says, “Good thinking, good products.”

The whole essence of intelligent or rational thinking is based on making good things happen for life to become better both for you and others. Good thinking sufficiently creates good ideas and outputs, for the betterment and benefit of society. Maybe it is something you have not really thought about, that when you think well in accordance with possibilities, great things begin to happen in your life. What you think is often what you get!

Thoughts turns to reality; hence my praxis that the way of success, wealth and achievements obviously starts with possibility thinking. I mean all things become easier and possible when you can think it, and why not you can achieve it.



Sometimes you always feel like jumping from the hills and flying across the mountains, only to wake up and discover that it is not possible, because you are restricted by circumstances.

If you may recall, I dwelt so much on the issue of limitation in Chapter One of this book. Again, I think it is important we really understand that limitation will never allow you to reach for the stars.

Therefore, I want you to know that you can move on with life if you take a step forward, as you will discover so many things you can do and it is in doing that, you not only become successful but an expert.

Limitation is a termite that eats up progress, and you need to get rid of it in all facets. Do not restrict yourself to one thing; move ahead with other innovative ideas, I mean something new that will give you more opportunities in life.

Maybe you were used to doing one thing, but there is so much power in making more new things happen, and this is possible if you can identify your full potentials – don’t let your boss be in charge of your mindset where you will be subject to restrictions – be a man of your own thoughts and destiny.