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Dec 13, 2023


By Nicholas Ebegboni

The mother of late Christian Osadebamwen Ijenwa Onyemakonor who was allegedly murdered by the Nigerian Army two years ago, is currently grieving and demanding justice for her deceased son. The tragic incident has left the family devastated and seeking answers and accountability for the loss of their loved one.

Late Ehima’s mother is overwhelmed with grief and sadness, unable to come to terms with the loss of her son. She said she remembers him as a vibrant and promising young man who had a bright future ahead of him, saying that his untimely death has left a void in her heart that can never be filled.


Despite the passage of two years since the incident, the family is still seeking justice for Ehima. They believe that the Nigerian Army is responsible for his death, and are demanding a thorough investigation into the matter. They want those responsible to be held accountable for their action and praying that justice to be served.

The family’s grief has turned into determination, as they continue to fight for justice for their deceased son. They have reached out to human rights organizations, legal experts, and activists to help push for a fair investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Ehima.

While no amount of justice can bring back their beloved son, the family hopes that by holding those responsible accountable, they can prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future. They also believe that their fight for justice will help bring about positive change and ensure that no other family should suffer the way they have.

The mother of the late Chris Konor expresses hope that her son’s death will not be forgotten and that justice will finally prevail.

In the biography of the deceased written by the deceased mother, Christian Osadebamwen Ijenwa Onyemakonor Ehima popularly known by his business name Chris Konor was born on the 28th of July 1997 at 9 am into the family of Chief Godwin Onyemakonor Ehima who was the Director of a transport and battery producing company, Konor Battery, and weighed 4.2kg at birth.

The bereaved mother disclosed that Chris Konor attended Holy Infant Nursery, Primary, and Secondary for his basic education. And for his tertiary education University of Benin, Benin Edo State.

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She hinted that he was a creative child, and used to design websites even without being taught how to do so by anyone.

She revealed that when Chris Konor was in primary 5, he begged her to buy him a handset, and also domains when her salary was just Thirteen Thousand Naira, which they sipped garri for a period to enable her to purchase what he asked for.

Continuing, she noted that in 2020, the son thanked her saying that, he wouldn’t have been what he is as he revealed to her that the three domains, she paid for at the rate of Five Thousand Three Hundred Naira are now worth not less than Seven Hundred Thousand Naira each

She revealed that before his life was cut short, the late son had started selling cars using his website to attract clients, built a table water factory, and was developing websites for business owners and so on.

According to the biography, the mother of the deceased said she was happy to see her son progressing with different business ideas, adding that he was already taking care of the mother and his siblings before the ugly incident that took his life.