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Late Maria Okwuazu Laid to Rest Amidst Celebration

Jul 16, 2023

Our Mother’s departure, creates a vacuum in our lives -Celestine Okwuazu
As they laid their mother, Late Maria Okwuazu to Rest Amidst Celebration
By Judith Atorough
The remains of late Ezinne Maria Okwuazu, were on Friday July 7th, 2023, laid to rest at her residence, Agbor-Obi, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.
The burial ceremony kicked off on Thursday, June 6th, 2023, with service of songs at her Parish, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Agbor-Obi and continued with funeral mass on Friday at the same venue, where family members, friends and sympathizers both from home and in Diaspora massively attended to bid her farewell back to her creator.
In his homily, the officiating priest, Rev. Fr. Benson Peter Irabor, of St. Dominics Cathedral Church, Yaba, Lagos State, pointed out that the greatest fear of man is death, maintaining that death is a debt everyone must pay.
He said due to the fear of dying, humanity has tagged death with so many names, saying that though life is short and that death does not consider the age of anyone, maintaining that death cannot be bought over, irrespective of one’s financial status, disclosing that we came into the world naked and naked shall we return.

IMG-20230715-WA0012 Late Maria Okwuazu Laid to Rest Amidst Celebration
The clergy called on all to prepare their ways and make amends with God before it becomes too late, saying that the death of the faithful pleases God, but however said the death of a sinner displeases God.
Continuing, he testified that late Ezinne Maria Okwuazu, was a devoted Christian whom he said lived a charitable life, helping the needy in the society, disclosing that late Ezinne sponsored almost all his bills during his 10 years in the seminary school, saying that she would be remembered by so many people whom she affected their lives in one way or the other.

IMG-20230715-WA0012 Late Maria Okwuazu Laid to Rest Amidst Celebration
While praying God to welcome her soul into His heavenly kingdom, he called on the children to be consoled with the fact that their mother lived a Christian life, saying that he is optimistic that Ezinne Okwuazu is with the Lord.
In an interview with our correspondent, the eldest son of the deceased, Mr. Celestine Okwuazu, disclosed that the passing away of their mother has created a deep vacuum in their hearts, which according to him cannot easily be filled, saying that their mother was loving, caring and made sure that they were all educated, maintaining that she will always wake up very early to prepare them for school.
According to him, “My mother loved God, as such, she brought us up in the ways of the Lord. She was an usher in the church and maintained a cordial relationship with people.

IMG-20230715-WA0012 Late Maria Okwuazu Laid to Rest Amidst Celebration
“While growing up, we never lacked good food because she was a wonderful cook and always made sure that we were fine. I pray God to grant her eternal life”, he said.
Speaking also, Nathaniel Okwuazu, reiterated that their mother was a good cook, who never allowed them to go hungry. He said the demise of their mother is something he will not forget in a hurry. He prayed God to welcome her into His heavenly kingdom.
One of the daughter in-laws, Mrs. Meg Okwuazu, also testified that her mother in-law was a devoted Christian, disclosing that while growing up with grandparents, she always saw mama going or coming back from church.
In her words, “Even when I became her daughter in-law, I still saw her serving the Lord. The little time we spent together, mama was a nice person to be with”, she said.
In their tributes, the children of the decease, Carol Etunmi Okwuazu, Janet Okwuazu, Charles Okwuazu, Raphael Okwuazu, Lauretta Ebede and others in strong terms mourned the passing of their mother, noting that she is the reason behind their success story.
They described her as a brave, kind hearted, hardworking mother every child would wish to have, saying that she made so many sacrifices for them. They noted that her death has indeed created a vacuum in their lives, lamenting that they will miss her a lot.

IMG-20230715-WA0012 Late Maria Okwuazu Laid to Rest Amidst Celebration
Continuing, they said their mother was a woman who positively imparted on the lives of many whom she had contact with while on earth pilgrimage, saying that she was a peace loving person. They prayed God to welcome her home.
According to her biography, late Ezinne Maria Okwuazu, Popularly called, Nne Betty, was from Idumuku quarter of Alisime, Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.
She grew up in Sapele, with her parents, George and Monica Ojeifo. Growing up as a hardworking young woman with moral status, late Ezinne caught the attention of Michael Agbor-Nta Okwuazu, who came on a vacation from Lagos. The two late became husband and wife and the union is blessed with nine children and grandchildren.
Late Ezinne was a trader. She wakes up very early everyday to prepare her husband for work and to get the children ready for school. She was a devoted Catholic who worked faithfully at Saint Patrick’s Parish, Agbor Obi.


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