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Sep 22, 2023

By Chucks Dominic Morsi
The other day, I read an article with a caption “Edo Deputy Governor Locked Out Of Govt Office” then I began to wonder what is becoming of our country, our constitution and the law! Nigeria if you noticed the recent happenings in the country, you are likely going to be convinced that we are already on the brink of anarchy drifting to been a collapsed and failed state. Whether with the judiciary who are good at partial and oftentimes guilty of miscarriage of Justice, the politicians who are also the anarchist themselves or something else you can imagine of the Nigerian State, all you may see is a country where lawlessness is gradually becoming a law.

But how did we get to this point of degeneration? The answer is that, there’s no more integrity in the system. If a whole State Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu, can be denied access to his office at the Government House in Benin, the state capital, then the poor people in this country are in for some trouble. The reason is that they are defenseless.According to the story, on getting to the State House on Monday morning, the Deputy Governor met the gate locked with chain and padlock. Chain and padlock are becoming a tool in the system and through unfavorable policy, our leaders are daily padlocking Nigerians to abject poverty.


What a country! The other day, Katsina State Governor intercepted a police van carting away the palliative meant to care for the already impoverished Nigerians. In the name of subsidy removal and with this position that our government have placed us, are we supposed to make it more difficult for ourselves? In Delta State, where people are jobless and hungry, Governor Sheriff approved 78 billion naira for Julius Berger to build three bridges in Warri, Effurun, Itsekiri and to construct or repair other roads at a cost that is almost higher than some small African country’s yearly budget.

Okowa used Sharpstone and now Sheriff is using Julius Berger; no issue about that anyway but I am wondering how much is left in the state to fund other capital projects. As it appears, Sherriff project development is focused on Delta South and or maybe, sidelining other parts though it may not be intentional. However, I must commend him on taking such a giant step to build bridges in his constituency which on the part of Okowa is a shame that he beautified Asaba with fine bridges but could not give AgborCollege junction same bridge which the people so yearned for. Let me quickly say that, Julius Berger as a company has never been fair in the way they run business of exploitation and overcharged for road construction in Nigeria.

In their home country Germany, they’re not popular let alone given them such a huge deal. If you check, you might find some sort of corruption undertone in those awarded contracts highly inflated! Again, in Katsina State comes a question, where actually are we heading to in this country? With the spate of insecurities everywhere one would have thought that every hand should be on deck in saving lives and properties; instead, we have those sabotaging the efforts of our gallant soldiers putting their own lives on the line, yet there are a few disgruntled elements who have made themselves enemies of humanity aiding and abetting Fulani terrorists unleashing horrible terror on Nigerians.

The video going viral is a testament to the fact that insecurity will continue to be a problem in Nigeria as long as we have people in the police, in the army and other arms of security Agencies who are benefitting from the Fulani terrorist’s menace. By the way, in the South East when a person is found with a toy gun, he is in for it and yet, every day we see Fulani terrorists brandishing AK 47 and nobody seems to bother about that and Nigeria is at the brink of collapse! In the midst of it all, the good thing about Nigerians is that we remain hopeful, resilient and optimistic to a fault. We are always forward looking that it will be better someday. And I pray that it will definitely be better and sooner.

I am wondering still if the rising costs of living worsened by the removal of petrol subsidy was not a bad decision after all. The effects of bad governance from politics to the economy to our institution of learning plus insecurity situations spanning from Northwest to Southeast is a tragically a story to tell and yet our leaders are doing less but growing more in corruption and public fund embezzlement. This and more form the good, the bad and ugly news about the country.

Of course, Nigerians are very much aware of the devils in the matter as far as bad governance is concerned whether it is at State, Federal or local government levels, it has been a long story of sorrow, tears and blood. A tale of sadness is widespread in Nigeria. Buhari’ s government was dictatorship type and worst government in the annal of Nigerian history and with that, we thought we have had enough but with Tinubu’s government Nigerians are in for more hardship to contend with. Nigeria today is at war with itself. Nigeria has become a war theater.

Nigerians are going through the toughest part of their lives. With a weakening economy, depreciating naira and unabetted corruption, rising costs of living and low earning income, kidnapping issues and more is a big threat to the existence of Nigeria as a country.

Tinubu was always greedy for power thinking that ruling a country like Nigeria would be a walkover for him but now in reality it has dawn on him that Nigeria and its monstrous problem of Nigeria is bigger than any individual. With the rising costs of living, one day if the poor does not have something to feed on, the possibility is that, they may begin to feed on the rich and affluence for survival. The current situation we are facing in Nigeria today is a clear indication and manifestation of bad decisions and bad governance. And bad governance as it were begetting poor socio-economic performance, human rights abuses, widespread poverty, insecurity and corruption.

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