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Sep 23, 2017
Chief Ezinne Mrs. A. E. Nwaebo

The Director, Ezinne Events Management and Decoration, a division of Asomuya Ezinne Services Limited, Boji-Boji, Owa, the Odozi-Aku of Owa Kingdom, Chief Ezinne Mrs. A. E. Nwaebo has stated that living a honest life pays. She said this recently during a freedom programme of two of her trainees, Mrs. Isioma Caroline Ayomehue and Mrs. Ishioma Aghanti, who she described people of honesty.

DSC_0700 LIVING A LIFE OF HONESTY  PAYS - Chief Mrs Ezinne Nwaebo
(Seated from left.), Chief and Chief(Mrs) Nwaebo, Ven. Dr. J.O.C. Adudu, Rev. Ogboi, standing from Left is Mrs. Aghanti and Mrs. Carolone Ayomehue

According to her, “Honesty is my watchword and it has paved way for me becoming a successful person in life. I cherish and admire people who are honest. Many, who work with me, grew up to be hardworking and successful people. This is because I affected their lives positively through my candid advice. There is no dull moment around me and people who work with me can attest to it. I have always shared my life experiences with them so that they can learn from it to add meanings to their lives. Life is not a bed of roses, it is what one puts in, he or she gets in return. Youths of this day have failed to embrace hard work. Everyone wants to be rich overnight failing to understand that there is no shortcut to living a successful life. I embraced hard work during my growing up days and everything worked well for me. God never allowed my labours to go in vain. Those who work with me with honesty do not leave empty handed. I also during their stay with me encourage them to go to school and those of them who heeded my advice ended up as graduates with or without their parents support. I am using this opportunity to task every youth to live a honest and faithful life. Dishonesty is associated with failures. One who lies continues to do so and needs to tell more lies to make up for the earlier. People should live happily and heartily in God’s honesty, faithfulness and genuine service to mankind. This will enable us turn around the society and the nation to God’s glory. Youths commit your little beginning to God”.
DSC_0700 LIVING A LIFE OF HONESTY  PAYS - Chief Mrs Ezinne Nwaebo
Chief Ezinne Mrs. A. E. Nwaebo

Ezinne Nwaebo used the opportunity to appreciate her husband, Hon. Chief E.C. Nwaebo for being there for her, describing him as a pillar and blessing to her life. She equally thanked the Vicar in charge of her church, St. Michaels Anglican Church, Owa-Alero, Venerable Dr. J.O.C Adudu who was the master of ceremony at the occasion for his friendly nature. While reminding Ayomehue and Aghanti to know that they are now assets to their husbands and families, she congratulated them for the successful completion of their training, wishing them well in their future endeavours.
DSC_0700 LIVING A LIFE OF HONESTY  PAYS - Chief Mrs Ezinne Nwaebo
Chief Ezinne Mrs. Nwaebo flanked by Mrs. Aghanti(L) and Mrs. Ayomehue(R)

The Chairman of the occasion and the Akpara of Owa Kingdom, Hon. Chief E.C Nwaebo, on his part commended the good works of Ezinne Events Management and Decoration. He enjoined the trainees to be proud to identify with the training centre anywhere and anytime and described the ceremony as first of its kind, praying God to strengthen them.
DSC_0700 LIVING A LIFE OF HONESTY  PAYS - Chief Mrs Ezinne Nwaebo
Chief Ezinne (Mrs.) A. E. Nwaebo(m) flanked by trainees and staff.

In his remarks, Venerable Dr. J.O.C Adudu expressed joy over the ceremony and lauded Ezinne Nwaebo for being an instrument of change in the lives of the young people. He admonished the trainees to keep faith in God as whatsoever they become by the training is God’s plan for them, calling on the programme director not to relent in rendering her service to humanity and prayed God to bless them.
Responding on their behalf, Mrs. Ishioma Aghanti said their joy knew no bounds and appreciated Hon. Chief and Chief Mrs. E.C Nwaebo for the good done to them and prayed God to reward them.

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