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Nov 5, 2023


Episode 3

“We can go into the house now. My wife has gone to work. You know she is a teacher; she goes to work around 6am so as not to be late to school. Let’s go in so that I will prepare and go to the office.” Ekene tells Juliet as they woke up from the car where they slept the previous night. They did not sleep very well and Juliet was not happy. She was already thinking of going back to her house instead of running up and down and hiding out fear in Ekene’s house.

“This kind of life is not good for a pregnant woman. I don’t think I will continue to live like this. Just look at me sleeping in a car. It is abnormal. I mean, I have a room of my own. Why should I be sleeping outside? I don’t think I’m going into your house again.” Juliet said with tears in her eyes. She was anxious and scared for her life because of how Ekene’s wife reacted to her pregnancy.

“Please, Juliet don’t take it that way. I’m with you all the way. I have taken responsibility of the child and I’m going to stand by you no matter what happens. Come rain come shine, I will stay with you until that baby is born and I will carry him in my hands.” Ekene said.

“Come rain come shine? Is it when your wife kills both of use that you will know there is fire on the mountain? Why hasn’t she reacted in anger since she heard that you got me pregnant? Her attitude shows that she is planning evil and I won’t be here when she will execute the evil. I will be far gone.” Juliet said. She went into the house and started packing her bags to leave but Ekene followed her and started begging her not to go.

“Please, you don’t have to do this. Please don’t go. My wife cannot harm you, I’m sure of that.” Ekene pleaded.

“Do you sincerely believe what you are telling me? Do you listen to yourself at all? Are you not scared of her? I mean, see how she humiliated us yesterday in the presence of friends. I’m very sure you are scared. And please don’t tell me that she cannot do anything.” Juliet said. She started dragging her bag out of the house but Ekene stood at the door and refused to allow her leave.

“Please, don’t go. Stay back! I promise to talk to my wife. I will talk to her when she comes back.” Ekene said with an agitated voice. He knew he was not making sense. But he had to say something to stop Juliet from going.

“What are you going to tell her? Are you going to tell her to stop being silent and be angry that you got me pregnant? Answer me! Are you going to tell her to slap me, kick me or chase me out? Or are you going to send her packing? Because that is what you should have done if you wanted peace in the house.” Juliet asked Ekene multiple questions with a loud voice. He did not know how to answer her.

“Calm down Juliet. Give me until today’s evening to handle this. Go back inside and catch some sleep. We both had a rough night! I will handle this. Give me time to figure out what to do. Please honey!” Ekene pleaded. He started touching Juliet in a loving way and then gently, he took her back into the living room.


Ekene got prepared and went to work. Juliet slept off on the sofa and did not wake up until around 3pm when Sophia returned from work.

“Ah! Ah! Juliet, how are you. You must be very weak because of your condition. Have you eaten?” Sophia asked Juliet. Juliet was trying to behave like someone who was still asleep but she was actually scared of Sophia.

“Yes I ate some rice.” Juliet lied. There is no cooked rice in the house and Sophia knew she was lying. She was just trying to avoid taking anything from Sophia.

“Look here, I bought you some ice cream, juice and apple. Eat the apple first then download it with this juice, and then eat the ice cream. I have never being pregnant but I have heard that pregnant women like to eat ‘cham cham.’ Sophia said with laughter. The whole time she was talking, Juliet was shaking. She took the package from Sophia and placed it violently beside her.

“Why are you afraid of me?” Sophia asked.

“Tell me Sophia. What are you up to? You think I don’t know you want to poison me and my unborn baby? You barren witch! Why are you not angry that I slept with your husband? What kind of woman throws a party to welcome a side chick into her house? What are you up to? I know your plan. You want to poison me and my unborn baby. Take your apple and juice, I have dropped it here for you. Rubbish witch!” Juliet said.

“My dear, no need for shouting. Calm down and enjoy your life OK. You are blessed to be pregnant. Many people have prayed for years to have this this baby that God gave you on a platter of gold. You should be happy and carry the baby in peace.” Sophia said. She did not directly respond to the accusations labeled against her by Juliet. Juliet decided to take it to another level to see what Sophia would do. She raised her right hand and landed a heavy slap on Sophia’s face just to provoke her beyond endurance. But Sophia refused to retaliate. The slap was very painful but she concealed the pain.

“My dear you will injure yourself. Remember you are pregnant. Don’t worry, my mother told me that pregnant women usually have hormonal imbalance that makes them to have mood swings. I’m sure you are going through mood swings. So, I totally understand why you slapped me. Relax! By nine months’ time, we will happily carry our baby. Sincerely, I’m happy that you are pregnant for my husband.” Sophia said with a broad smile on her face. Juliet could not believe what she was seeing and hearing. Sophia left the scene as if nothing had happened and went into the kitchen and started cooking.

Juliet quickly picked up her phone and ordered an Uber ride. The Uber guy arrived in less than 10 minutes and Juliet picked up her bag and jumped into the car, never to return again.

When Ekene returned from work, he did not see Juliet.

“Where is Juliet?” Ekene asked his wife Sophia.

“I left her here when I went to kitchen to cook.” Sophia said in a worried tone. Ekene rushed out of the house and Sophia followed him.

“Let us go and look for her together.” Sophia said as she rushed after her husband.

“Stay back! I said stay back!” Ekene shouted. At this point, he was really upset by the show of love being put up by Sophia. He was losing his mind. He drove out of the compound with aggression and went in search of Juliet.

Watch out for episode 4.

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