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Jul 21, 2018
The Deceased; Mrs. Mercy Okoh

A married man and father of three and an indigene of Igbogili community in Abavo Kingdom, Mr. Alex Ogbenije, has murdered Mrs. Mercy Okoh, his lover in her farm located along Orhonigbe Road in Edo State.

Ika Weekly during a visit to the bereaved family’s residence at Ekwueze community, Abavo, learnt that late Mrs. Mercy Okoh before her untimely death, had two children for a man she got married to whom she divorced in the year 2015 and came back to her family house at Ekwueze community where she met Mr. Alex, her lover who later became her murderer.

Speaking with newsmen, family members of the deceased stated that their daughter, Mercy left for the farm in the morning of Friday July 11, 2018. Unknown to her, her lover, Alex, had been in the farm for the past four days waiting for her to come to the farm so that he could accomplish his evil plans.

According to the family, “We waited and waited for her to return but she did not. The next day, Saturday July 12, we decided to go and search for her in the farm. On getting there, we met a man who told us that our daughter and her man friend Alex fought in the farm on that fateful Friday. The eye witness went further to tell us that when Alex was beating Mercy, he tried all he could to separate them, but because Alex threatened to cut him with a cutlass he decided to leave them in the farm and returned home.

“He then took us to the spot where the fight took place, by the time we got there; we saw blood and several things Alex used in killing our daughter. It was from there we traced it to the nearby bush where he dumped her corpse”

Speaking further, the bereaved family stated that they later saw Alex at the Abavo police station four days after the crime, where he had gone to report himself to the police for the safety of his life. They said it was from Abavo police division he was taken to Abudu Police Division where he was later transferred to zone 5 in Benin City.

The family, declaring that he who kill by the sword must die by the sword. They called on the government and concerned security agencies in the state to make sure that Alex is made to face the wrath of the law.

As at the time of filing this report the remains of late Mrs. Mercy Okoh had been deposited at the mortuary.

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