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Feb 28, 2023


A middle-aged man simply identified as Onyeka in Agbor Nta Quarters in Ekuku Agbor in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State, has been murdered by a neighbour following a heated argument over an unpaid debt of #170 (One Hundred And Seventy Naira).

The ugly incident which was said to have occurred on Monday February 20, 2023 at about 9pm, attracted many in the area.

Ika Weekly Newspaper reporter gathered from a relation of the deceased that on that fateful day, late Onyeka was at the shop of his wife who sells provisions when one of  his neighbours, Mr. Chukwuma came to buy something on credit, but said his request was swiftly turned down because he was yet to pay for the items, he previously collected from the provision store.

The source further stated that Mr. Onyeka refused to sell to Mr. Chukwuma whatever he came to buy because he was still owing them #170 and he was asked to pay the money before he could buy any other thing from the store.

The source revealed that upon refusal of his request, Mr. Chukwuma was said to have left the provision store in disappointment and anger.

It was gathered that when Mr. Chukwuma left, he went home to complain to his brother who later came to verify what his brother told him and it was said that Mr. Onyeka repeated the same thing and told him that his brother was owing him #170 and he (Onyeka) will no longer sell anything to him until he (Chukwuma) pays the money.

The source disclosed that after Chukwuma’s brother left the shop, Mr. Chukwuema eventually came back with a sharp machete and cut Mr. Onyeka cutting him severally on the shoulder, and he eventually fell down with blood oozing out.

Noticing that he has killed someone, Mr. Chukwuma fled the scene but was said to have been arrested by the police.

Mr. Onyeka, before his untimely death was a road side mechanic and he is said to be survived by his wife.

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