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In a bid to properly enlighten members of the public, particularly Ika residents on all they need to know about the lifestyle, achievements and political leadership of Dcn. Moses Iduh, Vice – Chairman, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Delta State and Chairman, PDP Delta North Senatorial District, as well as debunking all false information against him on Facebook by Citizen Miracle Ifeanyi Ogor of Ika Time Newspaper, Hon. Prince-will Onuodafin and the PDP Leadership of ward six have during an emergency meeting held on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 charged the public to disregard whatever they might have read on Facebook concerning the life and political career of Dcn. Moses Iduh.

They noted that in the said report captioned, “The Jobbery and Venal Tendency of Moses Iduh”, which was written by Miracle Ogor stating that their political leader, Dcn. Moses Iduh is notorious and has hijacked key political appointments such as SA and SSA in ward six to himself and his family members alone is false.

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In light of the above, they stated emphatically that, Citizen Miracle Ogor is a big liar. According to them, “Mrs. Ngozi  Onyedum (Nee Eruemulor) one of the instances pointed out by Citizen Miracle Ogor as one of Dcn Moses Iduh’s family members unworthy of her position, has been a grassroot politician. She had served as a Supervisory Councilor and Women Leader of ward – three under the platform of PDP. Mrs. Onyedum is now Senior Special Assistant to the Governor. She had not played any political games in ward six. All her political life started in Ward Three, Boji-Boji Owa and she is still active in the ward. When it comes to politics, her appointment and that of Mr. Emeke Asiwe, as SSA to the Governor and other persons in ward-six such as Hon. Prince-will Onuodafin from Owa Alizomor, Mr. Happiness  I. Omebere from Owa-Ofie and Mr. Christian Onyeamaka from Owa-Ekei  were decided by His Excellency, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi A. Okowa not Dcn. Moses Iduh.

“In the report, Miracle Ogor said that Emeke Asiwe’s appointment was well deserved but Emeke had only served as PDP youth leader in Ika North East so what makes that of Mrs. Onyedum not well deserved, someone who has been very active in politics as a former women leader of Ward Three.


“We also want to make it clear to the public that none of the siblings of Dcn. Moses Iduh has been appointed into any of the above political offices and Moses Iduh has no hand in the appointment of Mrs. Ngozi Onyedum. Moreover, Mr. Ogor also said that the appointment of the son of Pastor Eruemulor is an aberration.  That is not true. This man has all it takes to be a Special Assistant to the Governor.

“He is educated. Why will Miracle Ogor refer to his appointment as an aberration? He should also be informed that most of the best houses in Owa – Ekei were built by the Eruemulor family. His father, Pastor Eruemulor is a man who spends over Twenty Million Naira (N20,000,000) annually to organize prayers for peace to reign in the society. Will God stop blessing him? His son in question is well known in Ward Six. He has a party card and Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) and he has been contributing to ensure the growth and development of the people in Ika nation. Above all, he is qualified like every other person in that cabinet. We advised Miracle Ogor to desist from tarnishing people’s good images and reputations and focus on what took him to Germany,” they said.

Continuing, the group advised Miracle Ogor not to spoil the good relationship between Dcn. Moses Iduh and the Local Government Council Chairman, Hon. Barr. Victor Ebonka. “Both of them have created Joy in the hearts of the people during the distribution of COVID-19 Palliatives. Moses Iduh is answerable to every community in Ika North East when it comes to politics. Moses Iduh is a political leader that does not announce what he does to better the lives if his people. We urge anyone who wants to know more about him to come to the PDP Executive in Ward Six.

“In phase two of the online report which was captioned; ‘Moses Iduh, How far?’ We the party leaders reacted thus: that Moses Iduh is an amiable, humble party man. He is a loyal son of Ward Six,” they said.

They also noted that at the ward level, Dcn. Iduh was seen as someone who is capable of moving PDP forward, and was made the Party Secretary, where he rose to the position of the Chairman, PDP Delta North Senatorial District. Today, he is also the Vice Chairman PDP Delta State and Chairman PDP Delta North Senatorial District. They stated that members of PDP in ward six are not complaining about Moses Iduh and they wonder why Miracle Ogor should not mind his business. They thanked members of ward six for their supports and prayers. They noted that an affront on Moses Iduh is an affront on Governor Okowa, the PDP family, and the vulnerable that are benefiting from him. They also stated that during the period of Moses Iduh as PDP Chairman, Delta North Senatorial District, the Delta State Governor was produced and ward six was also given opportunity to produce the council Chairman.

Then, they asked why the writer was particular about Ward Six.


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