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Oct 29, 2023


As the skies opened up to welcome the morning sun of Thursday October 19, 2023, Umunede Mixed Secondary School, Umunede in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State, was said to be in disarray following an altercation between Nnamdi Millicent, her mother and her siblings, and the teachers.

The ugly incident was said to have attracted security operatives in Umunede as the girl, Nnamdi Millicent, a JSS 3 student of the school, her mother and her four brothers were said to have been arrested for their awful action, described by many as stupid and unacceptable.

Narrating to Ika Weekly Newspaper reporter what truly transpired on that fateful day, one of the teachers of the school, (name withheld) stated that the announcement was made to students to bring their cutlasses for labour, saying that majority of the students who did not bring their working tools were appropriately disciplined by the Assistant Labour Master and the Labour Prefect.

He disclosed that when Nnamdi Millicent, who was among the students disciplined got home, she told her mother and her brothers that she was punished by their teacher and labour prefect.


In his words, “When the girl got home, she told her mother and her brothers that she was flogged by their labour master and the labour prefect; with anger, they quickly left for the boy’s house and beat him severely”

“As if that was not enough, the following day being Thursday, the girl, her mother and her brothers came to the school and went to the principal’s office, they arrogantly told the principal that they want to see the labour prefect and the teacher that flogged their sister, that they want to decisively deal with the duo; they did not even border to explain to the principal why they were angry or hear from her, all they wanted was to beat the teacher and the labour prefect”.

“While they were still ranting, we (teachers) respectfully approached them and politely asked them to calm down, but they grew more furious and attacked the teachers like hungry lion; we did not conduct morning assembly because they disorganized the school “.

“Eventually, we had to call the vigilante who responded to our call without delay and intervened, they restored peace and save the day; they apprehended the girl’s mother and her four brothers and handed them over to the police in Umunede where they are cooling off”.

The teacher stated that students were sent to school to be trained and inculcate good moral, saying that the action of some parents towards teachers is becoming annoying and discouraging.

He affirmed that the right thing to do whenever a student deviate from doing the right thing is to administer appropriate discipline on the student, but saying that with the icky attitude of some parents, teachers may be reluctant to carry out their duties as second parents to the students.

He appealed to the government to do something urgently before the attack on teachers becomes uncontrollable.

To serve as deterrent to other students, Ika Weekly Newspaper reporter learnt that the girl, Nnamdi Millicent, who they say hails from Mbiri has been expelled from the school.

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