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MY HUSBAND KILLER MOCKS ME, Wife Of Late Nwaki Cries Out

Dec 17, 2021

The wife of the late Austin Nwaki who was murdered by Mike Eze popularly known as Ololo, Mrs. Juliet Nwaki has cried out saying that the murderer of her husband has never shown sympathy to her and her kids but rather, has continued to mock her whenever their path crosses.

Mrs. Nwaki made this disclosure in a chat with our correspondent at Ika Weekly corporate office, no. 215 Old Lagos Asaba Road, Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State, on Wednesday, December 8, 2021.

According to her anytime she and Ololo path cross, he would either snub her or act in a manner that portraits she can do nothing to him.

Continuing, she revealed that paying for the school fees of her five kids has not been an easy task adding that she toils night and day and runs from pillar to post to ensure the children’s school fees are paid adding that often, she falls ill due to the physical and emotional stress she is going through.

Speaking further, she maintained that no member of the husbands family, not even the late husband’s brother who called her late husband to come to his site where the incident took place has ever bothered to assist in the upbringing of her five kids, rather their complaint is that she gave birth to too many children.

She disclosed that when the incident happened, she said was asked what they could do for her and she requested that they build a house for her and her children and take care of the children’s school fees, which according to her, they agreed.

She noted that, unfortunately, due to her inability to go out that period as she has to mourn the husband, she was not carried along in the negotiations. At a point, she said, she had to request that the late husband be buried so she can go out and fend for her children.

Mrs. Nwaki stated that after the husband was buried, the family of her late husband brought Two Million Naira (#2,000,000) for her and she used the money to repair part of the house the husband was building before his demise, so that she and her kids could move in, adding that ever since then, nobody has bothered to know how she and her children are surviving.

She noted that because she is poor, Ololo the murderer of her husband treats her like she is nothing as she appealed to human rights groups and well-meaning individuals to intervene in the matter as she has no one to fight her cause.

Speaking further, she said that all she wants is for them to complete the building from where she stopped and for the children’s school fees to be taken care of.

She revealed she has been emotionally down since the death of her husband and the hospital has become her second home saying that since the incident, she falls ill often and spends a huge amount to pay hospital bills. she said she never believed that she would be a widow at a young age.

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