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Oct 13, 2018

The member representing Ika South in the Delta State House of Assembly, Hon Festus Chukwuyem Okoh, has appealed to the electorate to join him in his quest for improved representation. He made the remarks moments after his declaration as the flag bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), last week.

“I am glad that I have been found good enough to be the flag bearer of my party in the election scheduled for early next year. My victory is just the first phase as the main election comes next year when the electorate will decide who speaks for them in the Delta State House of Assembly. I am happy that those who contested with me at the primaries have not only agreed with the outcome of the exercise but have also promised to work with me and the party to ensure landslide victory”, Hon Okoh said.

While promising to consult wisely in the establishment of campaign structure, Hon Okoh assured party members that he would do the needful to deplete the size of other political parties.

“The Peoples Democratic Party under the leadership of Senator Okowa has exceeded her campaign promises. There is no segment and community that did not feel the positive impact of this administration. It is this goodwill that we expect to reflect positively at the polls”, he averred.

On his mission if voted for second term, Hon Okoh said, “I am setting up a technical team to fashion out the immediate needs of our constituency. We will articulate all areas that we need to sponsor bills; our relationship with donor agencies will be activated to ensure access to soft loans. There are a few communities that still need improved road network. Senator Okowa has completed the Old Lagos/Asaba Road with street lights.

We will harness this facility in terms of night economy and security. We will plough energy and resources to support skill acquisition projects. We will do this with genuine synergy with members of National Assembly. All these can only be attained with the support for me expressed at the polls”, he concluded.