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MY SON IS NOT A RITUALIST Says Rev. Johnson Egbon

Jan 29, 2024

By Sunday Memeh
The General Overseer, Holy Spirit Deliverance Ministry, Akpama Quarters, Ute-Ogbeje in Ika North-East Local Government Area of Delta State, Most Rev. Johnson Egbon, has denied an allegation levied against his Son, Miracle Egbon by one Mrs. Baby Okoh and her family members that he is a Money Ritualist.
Speaking with Ika Weekly Newspaper Reporter during an interview, Most Rev. Johnson Egbon who hails from Ogbe-Onicha Quarters, Owa-Oyibu Community, stated that his son, Miracle was wrongly accused of being a money ritualist by one Mrs. Baby Okoh and some members of her family.
According to him, “I was at home on the 31st of December, 2023 when Mrs. Baby Okoh brought some members of her family to my house to inform me that my son, Miracle, a Special Assistant to the Governor of Delta State, took her grandson, Friday Onyeka and one other person to Igbo land to do money ritual.
“I opened my mouth and asked her, ‘madam, are you sure of what you are saying? Because I know what my son is capable of doing as a child of God’ She replied and said, I am very sure of what I am talking about.
“She even told me that her grandson, Friday Onyeka told her that my son took him and one of their friends to Igbo land to do money ritual and that on their way home, my son bought Water Melon.
She said her grandson told her that “When they got to the hotel room where they logged in Agbor, my son brought out the Water Mellon and gave them to eat. She said Friday told her that immediately he finished eating the Water Mellon, he could not recognize himself and where he was again and that was how he ran mad.
“She said that when my son discovered that, her grandson, Friday had ran mad, he took the other boy, booked a flight and both of them quickly travelled to Lagos.
“Immediately she finished speaking, I told them to wait let me call my son, because he travelled to Lagos.
“When I call my son, telling him everything Mrs. Baby Okoh and her grandson, Friday have just said, he told me, Daddy, I don’t have any connection with Friday, he is not my friend, we last saw each other as far back as nine years ago when we were in Secondary School and ever since that time, I have not set my two eyes on him till today.
“All I did after that was to pray for the boy, Friday because he was brought to my house in chain on his legs. After praying, I asked them to go back home that my son has promised to retrieve his return to Agbor on the 3rd of January, 2024 instead of on the 10th he was supposed to come back which he did to tell you how serious the matter is.
“When my son returned, I asked him as a father to know if what Mrs. Baby Okoh and her family members have come to tell me is true or not. He repeated what he told me on the phone that he is innocent.
“The next thing I did was to go the Obi’s Palace at Owa-Oyibu to summon my son and Baby Okoh’s family.
“When we all assembled at the palace for the matter, Baby Okoh asked me while I summon them at the palace rather than go to Udele to summon them.
“With that annoyance, when we returned from the palace, I had to summon her and her grandson at the Udele and I also moved down to the Okija Shrine in Anambra State to summon them again.
“They refused to answer the Udele and Okija Shrine people. When she noticed that I am very serious about the matter by going to summon them at Udele and Okija Shrine, they started begging us that what they are saying was not true,” he said.
Continuing, Rev. Egbon noted that he has been keeping quiet and enduring what people have been doing to him as a man of God.
On this noted, he stated that another serious allegation was levied against him on the 20th of September, 2012, when some indigenes of Owa-Oyibu Community said he was projecting and supporting late Prince Sam Obi for Governor, Delta State.
He said he is not a politician and has never one day lobbed for any political appointments neither has he gone to any politician to beg for money, saying that all he did that time and he is still doing is to go the election ground and exercise his franchise by casting his votes for whoever he likes as a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
He said a few years ago, another allegation was also levied against him by one Mr. John Okwudibie who claimed that he was told that Engr. Ikechukwu Agbobu, Vigilante Chairman, Ika North-East, gave him Rev. Egbon #100,000 to kill him, (John Okwudibie) which I knew nothing about.
According to him,” the matter went to the palace and at the end of the day, I was proved innocent of the allegation.
“I am calling on the Government and well-meaning Nigerians, particularly the Human Right Activists to help look into my son’s case. Baby Okoh and her family members cannot just wake up from sleep and levy such an expensive allegation on my son.
“I want to use this opportunity to thank the Obi of Ute-Ogbeje Kingdom for his fatherly roles towards me and my family. I pray God to continue to bless him and keep him strong to enable him enjoy the fruits of his good labours,” he concluded.

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