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The Nigerian nation has always been seen as the giant of Africa by political economists around the world. The reason for this is simple. She has one of the largest markets for the sale and distribution of goods and services in the world in addition to being a great exporter of petroleum. Other reasons include the fact that the country has a formidable military formation that has contributed immensely to peace and unity among many countries in the world, particularly in Africa.

However, this description is fast fading away. The country now occupies the “enviable” position of the poverty capital of the world. She is equally the reigning champion in the race for the most prepared nation for a violent revolution towards the actualisation of self-determination by many secessionist agitators.

Insecurity has become the order of the day and the federal government appears to be clueless about the way out of the predicament. This is the dilemma Nigeria has found herself, especially since 2015 when she made a choice to bring a crop of politicians that promised her change – the All Progressives Congress, APC to power.

This state of affairs has led to the introduction of many political vocabularies and idiomatic expressions into Nigeria’s democratic dictionary. In 2016, she was described as a shithole by the then-American President, Mr. Donald Trump. Buhari himself has recently introduced another word. He described a section of the country as a dot in a circle.

Though the pronouncement was made by the president in a Television broadcast in reference to some citizens of the country, the reactions and different meanings trailing the notion clearly show that either he, as a person did not understand the meaning of the expression or the writer of the script purposely intended to confuse the people with grammatical semantics with the further aim of hiding the hatred of government towards some persons.

Unfortunately, PMB’s language was more applicable to the entire nation than the people it was meant for. After all, who is not a dot in a circle in Nigeria?


For the avoidance of doubts, being a dot in the circle can be used to illustrate a situation where an individual or a group is placed in a condition where nothing can be done to escape whatever good or evil that exists there. This is the plight of Nigerians. Even if anyone checks out like Andrew to any other country in the name of seeking greener pastures, she or he remains a Nigerian. In which case, Nigeria is the circle while all of us are the dot. Changing nationality on the paper, name or spoken language will not alter the content of the circle as one’s inner instincts will continue to remind him or her of the CIRCLE.

When the country crept into the state of economic dinosaur called recession occasioned by the emergence of Mohammadu Buhari as the president of the republic in 2015, little did the citizens know that more terrible things that could alter the debates on serious issues like Boko Haram insurgence, armed banditry, Fulani herdsmen, kidnapping, unemployment, poor economic policies and insincerity in governance were on its way to our fatherland.

With the way things stand presently if no urgent solution is found to a myriad of challenges facing the nation within the next few months, only God Himself can accurately predict what will befall the nation. Noisy as the federal government’s propaganda seem to be sounding, there appears to be little or no evidence to show that it (government) is fully prepared to curtail the insecurity menace. This is not because President Buhari does not care for the welfare of the citizens, but because, as usual, the leaders do not plan adequately for the future. They rather leave the survival of the country to chance. Most of the things we rely on for our existence are not under the nation’s control.

Yes, Nigeria is one of the largest exporters of crude oil in the world and even the present regime at the centre is making frantic efforts aimed at discovering oil in Northern Nigeria. But even if oil is found in Buhari’s Daura and all the villages that make up the zone, and there are no buyers, Nigerians will still be in their economic quagmire – a dot in a circle.

While governors like Okowa have continued to massively mobilise the inhabitants of their states on the need to collectively wage war against poverty and insecurity by any means, including the provision of alternatives to paid employment, the “presidency” is using the instrumentality of propaganda through Lai Mohammed, Garuba Shehu, and Femi Adesina to ‘solve’ all the problems in the circle.

The President, General Muhammadu Buhari has told the nation on the 12 of June 2021 that his government has taken ten million Nigerians out of poverty. But as the citizens were still pondering on the veracity of this claim, the World Bank on Tuesday, 15th of June 2021 released what can best be termed a bombshell. According to the bank, the rising cost of goods and services in the country has sent seven million people in the country into poverty.

The truth remains that every one of us must look up to God for rescue. Otherwise, when this group of uncared for fellows begin to die due to ailments associated with hunger, this will create new problems for the government due to inadequate proven scientific methods required for helping the populace.

When the APC began its campaign to wrestle power from the ruling PDP, she promised to restore power supply completely to the nation and put an end to the issue of corruption and insecurity. Buhari is now in the 6th year and second term of service to the country as president. Yet, the country is losing economic focus and restoration of peace with the accelerated speed that is alien to previous administrations.

Now that the president has addressed the nation on the state of insecurity in the country with the urge to state governments to take charge of their areas of jurisdiction, it is hoped that things will soon begin to take the desired shapes, with appropriate application of wisdom towards Buhari’s style of governance, bearing in mind that 2023 is just around the comer waiting to offer the people another opportunity to make democratic changes if need be.


Meanwhile, Nigeria remains the circle. So, with patience on the part of the governed and sincerity of positive change of heart on the part of the government, “the empire shall rise again”.


Written By Augustine Omilo


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