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Jul 22, 2018

In his words, ‘I called a meeting and spelt out an action plan to solve this problem. We gave owners of cows a grace period of 31st January 1965, after which all such stray animals will be taken to the slaughterhouses and the meats given to the welfare homes. By the December 1965, we have seized about 53 cows. And very quickly, all cattle disappeared from the streets’

This in my understanding is leadership and a lesson our leaders must draw.

Another  indicator supporting the believe in some quarters that the FG may not have exhausted their known strategies  in securing lives and property in the country  is  the supersonic  dexterity used  for deploying  different security personnel’s to Ekiti State for the just concluded gubernatorial election in the state, contentiously  fueled by their  burning desire to win the state- a capacity that was conspicuously missing in Plateau state during the herdsmen attack and lately in Adamawa and Sokoto States.

But as this is ongoing, one towering truth we must however not overlook is that these exploitative tendencies of our leaders are interrelated irrespective of party affiliations as the recent activity of the newly formed Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) revealed.

A telling proof to this assertion was the party’s undiplomatic outburst of their intention to wrestle power with the current administration without a word on how to salvage the country or better the lots of the suffering Nigerians forward.

This has caused a great concern among Nigerians and barefacedly portrayed the party as a bunch with inordinate ambition and incurably blind to public opinion with no interest of the people at heart. To CUPP in my views, it is not about the people but about personal aggrandizement and selfishness.

Instructively, this baffling disposition prepares the ground for the ‘leaders’ exercising of power and responsibility not as a trust for the public good, but as an opportunity for private gains.

And further provides the answer as to why the recently published Brooking Institute report on poverty highlighted that in Nigeria, 87million people live in extreme poverty and lack the opportunity to make meaningful choices that will sustainably improve their lives.

As we know, Poverty according to reports has various fallout; increased insurgency, clashes and struggle for land and other resources, youth restiveness, increasing crime and mortality rate.

Fundamentally, this is the  underlying obstacle why the nation cannot accelerate economic growth, make social progress, or collaborate in agriculture – a fact that  confirms the abiding fears that the poverty of African leaders certainly does not mean material poverty, but lack of commitment to duty, lack of vision and greediness characterized by corruption.

For us to be lifted from this fear-drenched state, it is imperative that we understand as a nation that earning democracy dividends could be likened to seeking freedom which can never be given voluntarily by the oppressor without a demand by the oppressed.

We have very wholesomely forgotten that ‘the man who creates laws makes an indispensable contribution to the greatness of the nation, but the man who questions power makes a contribution just as  indispensable especially when the questioning is uninterested, for it is through this means that we discover if we use power or whether power is using us’.

To play our role fully well, therefore, the only actionable step that is needed from us is the non linear brain power to elect as leaders come 2019 those that can demonstrate passion for their purpose, practice their values consistently and lead with their hearts as well as their head; that will establish a long-term relationship and have the self-discipline to get results.

In the same span, we must become politically active; Nigerians must be guided in this direction because we need political strength now than before as most of us have been made too poor to have adequate economic power and others too rejected to be part of the political system.

Indeed, dislodging these demagogues from our nation’s political theatre with our votes come 2019 and have them replaced with the authentic leaders, will be a little action that we can collectively take as a people that will yield a bountiful result for our nation.