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Aug 16, 2020

Following the visible persistent insecurity in the country, various individuals, religious, ethnic and sociocultural groups have at different times and places called for immediate sack of the country’s military service chiefs.

For instance, about two months ago, the Professor Ango Abdullahi led Northern Elders Forum (NEF), declared that President Muhammadu Buhari and the governors in the region have lost the capacity to end insecurity. Noting that provision of security and pursuit of economic welfare of citizens are the two constitutional responsibilities of the state which all leaders must achieve of which the current circumstances in the North clearly demonstrates that President Buhari’s administration has woefully failed to achieve either.

Before the dust raised by such call could settle, came a fresh one as a few days ago, Nigerians, shortly after President Muhammadu Buhari again met with top military leaders and Northeast governors in Aso Rock, again stated that their (service Chiefs) continued stay is an unacceptable development and therefore demands for their sack as a way of bringing immediate and comprehensive improvement.


To be honest, the Ika Weekly Editorial Board recognizes the fact that the Presidency may have a sincere reason(s) for keeping the service Chiefs. These views of ours become more appreciated when one recalls that in a democracy, government is at liberty to take or discard advice and public opinion in the interest of greater good for the greater number.  As public opinion do not always provide clear-cut policy guidance, and even when it is clearly in favour of a certain course of government action, the authorities may decide otherwise-particularly when they realize how uninformed, superficial, and changeable most opinions really are. Government may also reject people’s opinion as a result of its own convictions, the recommendations of the public service, or the pressure of advocacy groups.

The above position notwithstanding, the newspaper, like the generality of Nigerians is confused as to why Mr. President decided to keep these Service Chiefs having recently told them that their best efforts at tackling the security challenges were not good enough. It was equally in the news that President Buhari particularly frowned at the lack of synergy among the security agencies saddled with the responsibility of fighting insurgency and banditry in the country.

With the above ‘vote of no confidence’ and worries expressed by no other than the president himself, the next line of action one should have expected from President Buhari is to send them packing. They have tried their best but their best is not good enough. They have worn out. There may be more capable hands that the nation will not locate unless these set gives way.

Mr. President at this point needs to prove to the world that he is both a responsible and responsive leader.