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Oct 28, 2018

The natural wish of every man created by God is to live a comfortable life. He plans and works assiduously to achieve his objectives, carefully and meaningfully avoiding taking step that could work against the success of the plan. It is based on this principle that Nigeria struggled for and won independence in 1960 from her colonial master. It was hoped that it would provide the opportunity of enjoying the benefit of self determination which independence provides and to more importantly set up an administration that understands the problems of the people better and offer a credible service that could bring joy to them all.

Unfortunately, without going into records it is clear from people’s reactions and poor response to each anniversary celebration that all is not well with the country. Nigeria has little or nothing to rejoice about. She was just 6 years old as an independent nation when she found herself in a devastating civil war and within the first 28 years [1960 – 1998] she passed through 8 military administrations with only two democratic governments led by Abubakar Tafawa Bellewa and Alhaji Aliu Shehu Shagari. The 82 day puppet administration of Chief Ernest Shonekan set up during this period was undemocratic. It was rather Ibrahim Babangida’s secret agenda to prepare Sani Abacha’s dreadful military incursion into the existing administration with his soldiers. If the incessant military interruptions of the existing administration by soldiers is counted as an achievement then Nigeria deserves a commendation and credit for leading the world countries.

The very sad thing about the development in the country is that each military head of State forced himself into the country’s administration with a strong promise to solve the problems he claimed he met but ended up adding more problems to the existing one. Ibrahim Babangida introduced Structural Adjustment Programme [SAP] a monetary policy that made Nigerian currency worthless in the world market and worstened the bad economy created by the civil war and brought untold hardship to the people as against what was expected when we were granted independence. For the reason only known to him he annulled the election won by Chief M.K.O Abiola and set fire on the country before he bolted out shamefully from his office. Nigerians were groaning in pain and praying for a deliverance from the chaotic situation brought about by Babangida’s administration when General Abacha emerged from nowhere and quickly terminated Chief Ernest Shonekan’s administration to enable him have access to the country’s treasury without challenge. He looted billions of naira which he transferred to his bank accounts in many foreign countries to conceal his nefarious activities. He turned presidential jet to a private aircraft for his son and his girl friend. Other military leaders had their own contributions to the suffering of the people whose interest they vowed to protect on assumption of office.

Though military administrators are seen as intruders jnto the country’s lawful administration our civilian leader are no better. They joined others in money looting business, illegally dipping hands into public fund as they like and taking away as much money as they could grab for them and for their families without challenge. Some of them have turned Ghana must go bag to storage of looted money. In actual fact, sensibility of the suffering of the people has no place in the administrative programme of the leaders. So they pay no attention to the negative impact of the rise in fuel price, unemployment of workers and insecurity of lives and properties of the people. They place ban on employment instead of creating job opportunity for thousands of students graduating annually from over 140 Higher Institutions of Learning in the country.

It is clear from the development in the country that Nigerians are not ready for the solution of challenges they are facing. They have refused to obey and respect God who has exclusive authority to save the country.

The bible says. “When a nations sins, it will have one ruler after another. But the nation will be strong and endure when it has an intelligent and sensible leader” [Prov. 28:2]. ‘When a King is concerned with justice the nation will be strong but when he is only concerned with money he will ruin his country”[Prov. 29:4]. This statement is a harbinger of what we are experiencing in Nigeria today. The country has sined it against God and is perhaps reaping the painful reward of stubbornness against Him. It is therefore humanly impossible to get over the problem as it stands now without His intervention. Whether we like it or not, the story will remain the same, if His intervention is not sought for, after all, we have spent 58 years achieving nothing on our own. God’s readiness to control the situation and restore peace is assured. [Jer. 33:3; 29:11]. Although fasting and prayer are the essential ingredient that could move God’s hands of favour, it is only when sin is confessed and pardon granted to the affected people that they become effective. “When you rift up your hand in prayer I will not look at you no matter how much you pray. I will not listen for your hands are covered with blood. Wash your hands clean. Stop all this evil I see you doing”. [Isa. 1:15; 59:1-2]

Well, this is the word of God. He has given us the condition under which he could respond to our prayer for the peace of the country and for our individual life. We are therefore to give Him the change to do the job by renouncing our sins and coming to Him with sincere heart.