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Oct 29, 2017

A chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Barrister Felix Morka, has at a recent function at the party secretariat along Mariere Street Agbor, stated that he is not a politician.
The amiable barrister made the comment because of the attitude of most of our contemporary politicians, which he claimed is not in his character. In his word, “I am not a politician, but I am a citizen of Nigeria, I may be a political activist, I may be a democracy campaigner; all that I am, but I do not wear the toga of politician, because in 2015 election many of you know the story of what happened when all the master riggers were going to rig, I came there and I created order and eventually I walked away from it, because it was important for me to protect our community, the common good of our people”.
Addressing the party loyalists, Barrister Morka, urged them to be part of the future, saying, “God said that the stone which the builders rejected has become the Chief Corner Stone, emphasizing that APC will be the Corner stone of democracy in our community not because the party is anything special but we will make it special, it is the quality of human beings that matters, the vision that drives us, and our passion and commitment to the well being of the ordinary person, that is what makes the difference and that is why I am in this party otherwise I have no business in the party. But in my daily life, helping people is what I do for a living, the poor around Nigeria, they are my problem and everyday I go out fight government to solve those problems and I see what they are doing with our government and I think it’s wrong and it is time that everyone of us must stand, we must rise for this state and our community”
Continuing, Barrister Morka who is the chairman of the strategy committee of All Progressive Congress, frowned at the leadership of the government in the state, saying, “the truth of the matter is that we do not have a government in Delta State, the government we have is a government that peddles hopelessness and misery, they do not care about anybody, objectively speaking, even their own people will confirm that they do not care about anybody; after all those in the council were elected and appointed under their platform in the PDP, but for fourteen months, no salary; one goes to work every day yet no pay after fourteen months is utterly outrageous; these are people who have children. The children of Governor Okowa, his grand children they eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day at home; same goes to the children of Hon. Ofume they eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Whenever they are indisposed they go get the best medical care but they are not human enough to remember that other people’s children get hungry and those workers who go to work from month to month need to be paid their salaries.
Speaking further he shared the article and video of what he read and watched on the social media platform, about a man from Kogi state, who was crying over the loss of his daughter to the cold hands of death, a girl who should be about Nine years old, and the mother was rolling herself on the floor; why? Because the child got sick, when they first went to the hospital they couldn’t pay the bill they gave them so that the child could live, not because the man was lazy, but because the labour that he has given to the government for more than Nine months was not rewarded with a miserable salary that he is entitled to and he was there looking at his child as the girl died. The man was crying like the world has come to an end, and indeed the world has come to an end for that family because nothing you do for them tomorrow that will bring back the joy that has left that family. That is what this is all about, this is not about politics”.
Barrister Felix Morka, charged the All Progressive Congress (APC) party faithful in the two local government areas of Ika land and Delta State to go out to the nooks and crannies of the state and campaign vigorously in order for the party to emerge victorious in all the elections that will be conducted in the state.
Urging them, “you are going to let them know that the time has come for us to change the maladministration of madness in Delta State. He disclosed that Edo State gets 4.5 Billion Naira every month from the federal government. Anambra State gets about 4 Billion Naira, while Delta State gets about 15 Billion Naira every month; yet Urhobo people are now speaking Ika language, whenever they want to talk, you hear them saying, “Egho a ria, Egho a ria kaka,” we have taught them how to speak Ika language. He recounted a scenario of what happened when Governor Ifeanyi Okowa came out to contest for the gubernatorial election, “we all said he is our son, he is our person from our area that is what we all said then”.
Barrister Morka, informed the gathering that APC is going to bring a candidate for governor from Delta North, saying, “I am the chairman of the strategy committee of the party and I know that the party will make the right decision and give us a candidate from Delta North; hence for those of us in the party, we have reason to believe that, that will position us to win the governorship come 2019”.