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Nov 24, 2018

Ika South Local Government Area was awash with joy on Monday 19th November, 2018 following the commissioning of the protracted dualization of Old Lagos Asaba road. The 9.4 kilometre road with two bridges spanning from Emuhu to Agbor-Obi Junction was commissioned by the former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, who commissioned other projects in Delta State amidst fanfare.

Applauding the developmental strides of Governor Ife Okowa, Obasanjo observed that the Governor attaches utmost importance to transportation stating that without transportation, there will be no improvement in commerce. He further stated that the Governor has revived an aspect of education relevant to the modern day Nigeria, by way of technical education.

He commended the peace in Delta State, Ika land specifically stating that “Peace is a fundamental requisite for development. You cannot develop in a situation of chaos, conflict, or violence”.  He explained that the governor ensures every community has a sense of belonging in his government, noting that no community is left out.

He congratulated Deltans for achieving progress through God given instrumentality of the State Governor, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa.

In his words, “From my part of the world, when you have a good thing, you do not change it, you keep it, I do not know what you want to do in this state. When you have a good thing, you want to throw it away?” , he questioned. He opined that the known is not traded for the unknown, affirming that the known is better than the unknown.

Appreciating Obasanjo for finding time to visit Delta State to commission projects amidst his tight schedules, Governor Okowa disclosed that the construction phase of the Old Lagos Asaba  road created lots of job opportunities, explaining that job creation is the motive of every project undertaken by his administration. He noted that with the corporation of traditional rulers, religious leaders, the youths and opinion leaders, the state has recorded a level of peace of which he is proud and thankful for. Speaking on his stride in reduction of unemployment in the State through the STEP and YAGEP programmes, he revealed that lots of youths have been trained, with an avenue now introduced to show case such youths to the world.

Emphasizing on the development of Technical Education, he stated that importance is attached to skills acquisition in the modern day Nigeria. He asserted that the six technical Colleges in the State have been revamped and equipped with the necessary equipment to run at optimal level.  He also noted that the State owned Polytechnics have received full accreditation for all programmes.

Speaking on the road, he observed that with the Solar powered Street Light, business activities can go into the night, revealing that that will boast commerce in the town.  He lauded Ika people from both Local Governments for providing the enabling environment for the completion of the project, assuring that he will continue doing his best to create an enabling environment for growth and further development.

Earlier in his remarks, the Commissioner for Works, Chief James Augoye,  disclosed that the dualised Old Lagos Asaba Road from Emuhu to Agbor-Obi  Junction project was awarded on the 23rd of January 2009 to Hi-Tech Construction Limited, by the Emmanuel Uduaghan administration, describing  it as one of the longest projects inherited by Governor Okowa’s administration on May 29th 2015.

He stated that on assumption of office by Governor Okowa, the Old Lagos Asaba road project was barely 23% completed, disclosing that the governor insisted on the completion of the project in the shortest possible time.  He disclosed that the project is 9.4 Kilometres long with drains of 15. 8 kilometres, with walk ways on both sides.