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Anyone who has attempted writing an article for publication, especially when she or he has to choose a topical issue to write about must submit to the fact that writing is not as difficult as conceptualizing on items to make-up an essay. This is so for many reasons.

Writing is one thing. But making a piece of writing attractive to intending readers is another. And if a write-up does not make sense, both the writer and publishers of such trash would be seen to have not only wasted their time and other resources but also causing unnecessary boredom to readers. This in turn can cause the reading public to boycott the medium through which uninteresting articles are often published. On the other hand, meaningful essays attract constant demand for the medium, especially newspapers that publish them.

These and many other reasons account for why writers must continually appreciate news makers who create boundless opportunities for both news reporters and public affairs analysts. It is another form of job creation. Some of the Nigerians who are constantly providing opportunities for writers locally and internationally include Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Alhaji Dangote, Mohamadu Buhari, Mr. Jim Ovia, Dr. Bukola Saraki and Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to mention just a few. These men are in different categories. They do not have to offer positive value to the society for their activities to be considered news worthy.

Again, imagine a world where there are news makers, reporters and analysts without media such as Ika Weekly and others to bring such happenings to the notice of the people. The providers of different platforms for disseminating information must therefore be equally appreciated.

In the case of Okowa, he has singled out himself as one who is always offering positive acts for writers to dwell on.

A few days ago, the man who has been the number one citizen of Delta State since 2015 emerged as the best Governor, ‘Grass root and people Development’ in the 2018 Nigeria’s good governance poll organized by the African Leadership Magazine based in the United Kingdom (UK).

According to the organizers of the poll, Okowa’s emergence in this category is in recognition of his giant strides in the development of entrepreneurial and technical skills, job creation for the youths, women and the needy in Delta State as well as massive infrastructural development and creation of enabling environment for investments in his domain.

According to the publisher of the Magazine, Dr. Ken Giami, the governor emerged winner at the end of the collation of both offline and online votes across all channels and platforms.

Not long ago, one the Federal government agencies rated Delta State under Governor Okowa as the most investor friendly state in the country. According to the agency, Delta State emerged best after considering all the thirty states of the federation and Abuja capital Territory.

At the just concluded Ogwa Ika organized by Onu Ika Nigeria and held at the Agbor Community Hall Ime-Obi, Agbor, Delta State, the revered monarch of Agbor Kingdom, HRM Dr. Benjamin Keagboroekuzi I, Dein of Agbor Kingdom while admonishing politicians of Ika extraction on the need for purposeful political leadership did not mince words when he described Governor Okowa’s style of politics as that which should be emulated by Ika sons and daughters. He described the Ika nation as lucky to have Okowa as their son. The import of this remark on Ekwueme can be better appreciated given the fact that Dr. Benjamin Ikenchukwu remains one of the custodians of cultural values who would never pretend about his convictions on any issue.

In his welcome address, the Head Collective Leadership of Onu Ika Nigeria, Mr. Dan Usifo described Okowa as one who has never failed to identify with the body which is the apex body that represent the voice of the Ika nation. This statement implies that there are many politicians of Ika origin who do not associate with their people except in periods of election.

Okowa did not only honour his invitation to ogwa Ika, but also gave it a priority over Izu Anioma which held the same day at Asaba. He sent a representative to Asaba and came to honour his Ika people in person. This is a demonstration of our adage which says that the appreciation of one’s dancing prowess must begin from his home.

Going by his antecedents, the governor’s present accomplishments should be surprising to anybody. The political movement transcends beyond the 21st century. At the time politics was risky for educated and gainfully employed fellows to venture into, Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa was invited to become the Secretary of the then Ika Local government before the last decade of the 20th century.

Since then till now, the man has never had a better yesterday in politics. For him, it has been from glory to glory. He has never failed to deliver on the peoples’ mandate.

For the short period he was in the senate, he sponsored about ten bills. The present glittering look of the Central Hospital, Agbor and the establishments of many others in Ika land are testimonies of his stewardship at the senate and as a health commissioner in Delta State.

Unknown to most of his opponents, the governor’s greatest secret is his humility. According to Apostle James, “God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble”. The Governor does not play pranks with the things of God and humane perceptive inclination.

The Governor attended the recent programme, EFAC convention organized by the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion held recently at Ika Grammar School. There again, encomiums were poured on both the Governor and his father who brought him up in the way of God.

To say the least, Okowa has come a long way. He has become not only a political colossus in Delta State but a ‘deity’ of sort in Nigerian politics. Those who ignore him only do so at their own peril.

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