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Sep 15, 2018

That the polity is a bit charged now is not a misnomer especially when a high profile personality like Chief Uduaghan, a former Governor, surprisingly chose to defect.

Considering however the disposition of Delta APC to Uduaghan’s defection and their associated permutations for 2019, we need to ascertain how Deltans themselves perceive it outside the usually politicized, jaundiced and partisan views of Nigerian politicians.

First, we ask: between Gov Okowa and Ex- Governor Uduaghan, whose political presence and participation in 2019 and beyond promise to serve the interest of Deltans better? In the event of only one choice, who should Deltans give up for the other?

We understand that the opposition is gloating over the presence of Uduaghan in their midst right now. Wonders they say, never end. Same Uduaghan that they maligned and decapitated his integrity beyond recognition. Same Uduaghan that Pat Utomi, Chief Ogboru and Chief Emerhor have fought silly even in recent times.

In their characteristically unhinged hypocrisy and desperation, we hear Delta APC is looking forward to Chief Uduaghan deploying the wealth they have always alleged to be stolen. That is understandable. In their chronic hysteria to oust Gov Okowa, it is a matter of anything is acceptable.

That same Delta APC also looks forward to the deployment of Oshiomhole’ s Federal might is bizarre. Unfortunately, even Deltans are askance as to how the illusion of Federal might is related to the might of their PVC.

Come 2019, we are now left to wonder which will elect our leaders : our PVC or APC’s barrage of Federal might constituted of already compromised soldiers, Police coupled with the barrage of their guns plus their usually never- hidden harassment or intimidation of the electorate.

Be that as it may, since Chief Uduaghan is currently the ‘ commando’ on whose shoulders Delta APC’S victory lies ahead of 2019, we should even bother to gauge Chief Uduaghan’s personal disposition to his own defection.

I thought the man simply said that going by the security expertise he gathered while in office ,that he wants to join President Buhari in maintaining peace in the Niger-Delta region?

Lest one forgets, I remember too that he also mentioned his wish to be in the boardroom as a Senator when the National Cake is shared by the powers that be.

How these all now relate to Uduaghan getting ready to lead from the front in the APC Agenda for 2019 appear still hazy.

Anyway, whatever may lie in Delta APC’s kitty of unpleasant surprises, their argument that Chief Uduaghan was maltreated by Gov Okowa thereby leading to his defection is childishly misguided.
This is Chief Uduaghan’s second attempt to be Senator. First was when he was about to leave office in 2015.

If as an outgoing Chief Executive then, he could not secure himself a Senatorial slot, why place the burden of his current ambition on Gov Okowa when it’s clear and indicative that he’s not in command of the political structures in his own Senatorial District?

Why should Gov Okowa now be the one to play favouritism on his behalf thereby pitching himself and his political career( curiously for even a man who has never valued his sacrifices for him) against the interest and inclination of other aspirants and stakeholders?

Why should Gov Okowa desist from maintaining his stand to remain a father figure to all aspirants just because of Chief Uduaghan?

Furthermore, I think Delta APC should not boastfully go about beating their chest on Chief Uduaghan’s promise to share in the national cake as a Senator.

Current realities already show acute uncertainty that the Delta South Senatorial electorate might not vote for him; more so on the strength of their argument of his not- too- impressive outing as a serving Governor.

Perhaps to them, if as a baker- in -chief superintending over all the boom of oil proceeds or accruals to an oil- rich State like Delta, a man could not share the cake appropriately, fairly and unselfishly, how much can he share when what he shall be getting are mere crumbs alongside greedy fellow party stalwarts who at best only see him as an opportunistic late entrant?

Who even says, going by their dismal performance and the attendant public outcry and dissatisfaction of unprecedented dimensions, that APC will win in 2019 in order to share any cake?
Gloating therefore over Uduaghan might end up causing excessive political hiccups for Delta APC.

In all, I really see no cogent reasons why Deltans should sacrifice a serving Chief Executive like Gov Okowa with his unparalleled array of achievements for the ambition of an Ex- Governor who is driven primarily by personal reasons for either political survival or relevance.

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