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Sep 5, 2017
L-R, Chief Iyawa, Fda Ibude, Chuks Emuebie, Comr. Ojobu and Mr. Peter Idion

In line with the directive of the Executive Governor of Delta State, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, delivered by the Delta North P.D.P Chairman, Hon. Moses Iduh on Friday 25th August during a meeting with Ika South P.D.P leaders at the party Secretariat in the Local Government for all Pressure groups in Ika South Local government to shut down operation and function under one umbrella body which is the P.D.P, as is the case in Ika North East Local government, the leadership of The Pressure Group, The Bridge Builders, a political pressure group to reckon with in Ika South, made up of stake holders of various political wards, have directed their members to suspend all activities, pending when a fresh directive is given by their principal, Sen. Ifeanyi Okowa.
This directive was given on Monday 28th August in an emergency meeting convened by The Pressure Group, The Bridge Builders, to inform their members of pressure group the Bridge Builders the instruction passed down by the governor.
Addressing the members of The Pressure Group,The Bridge Builders, Hon. Emuebie said their aim is to reconcile aggrieved members of P.D.P in the local government, adding that everybody is needed as long as they have their voter’s card with which they will deliver Okowa in 2019. Furthermore he said, their prerogative is going down to the grass root level, to reach out to people. He urged the members to forget the past and forgive all who they have grievances against, saying that “if you keep thinking about the past, the future will elude you”. He further charged all present to work towards actualizing their goal, which is to see Okowa returned to office in 2019, and to also tell people of the good work Okowa has been doing across all Local governments in Delta State.
Ika people have in one way or the other enjoyed and still enjoying Okowas’s footprints, both in the motorable roads, in various appointments into S.A and SSA positions, Board membership, and other juicy appointments. Various Schools have been renovated in Ika South, including Agbor Technical College he said. In his words “The Pressure Group,The Bridge Builders is not competing with anybody, or any group, but rather we are complementing their efforts, by reaching out to places they cannot reach. It is a collective effort, as politics is a game of number and everybody is needed for the work ahead”.
Concluding, he said “we are not prepared to disobey the governor. Having gotten that instruction from him, we have chosen to communicate to our people, on all activities, pending when we receive a fresh directive from him. Our governor is our principal, he is the one we are working for, if he says stop, we will stop. If there is need for us to advise him on the implication, and he comes up with another instruction, the better for us. But in the interim, we are slowing down our activities in response to his order. Though a prayer session has been fixed, and arrangement concluded. We are not prepared to disobey him, we are working for him and we will do anything within our power to see that he succeeds, come 2019”.
Present at the meeting were; Hon. Fada Ibude, Mr. Peter Idion, Mr. Chris. Ogala, Comr. Ojobu, Chief Iyawa, Hon Adams Nwokolo, Hon Ajai Anthony,Hon. Sunday Ashiedu, Mrs. Beatrice Ugbebor, Comr. Friday Orubor,Mr. Onuwa Oriri (Abiola), Mr.Sunny Ekaeze, Hon.Vincent Agboregbulem, Hon. Abanimoro, Mr. George Ugborgbo,Mr. Friday Oyator, Mr. Lucky Omorogie, (Chairman, National Youth Council, Ika South chapter), Mr. Emeke Okoh, various Ward leaders, Youths, Physically Challenged, and others too numerous to mention.DSC_8699 OKOWA IS OUR PRINCIPAL; WE WILL OBEY HIM- The Bridge Builders