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Apr 28, 2019

Sir Tony Obuh the Chairman of Pension Board, Delta State and one time gubernatorial aspirant under The People Democratic Party (PDP) has revealed that he got his political grooming from Onye Donzihien, a social cum political group in Ika nation.


According to Sir Tony Obuh in an address given on Thursday, April 18, 2019, during a celebration party organized by Onyedonzihien group to celebrate the PDP’s victory in the just concluded general elections, the association adopted him and nurtured him politically even when he was not yet a member of the group.  His words, “If anyone says I have special attachment to Onye Donzihien, such a person will not be wrong, because I actually got introduced and groomed in politics on the platform of Onye Donzihien, even when I was not yet a member. So, it was so natural that when I retired from the civil service, I had to pitch my tent with the association.”

Speaking further, Obuh revealed that the group is affiliated to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and helps in enlightening the people about the government’s programmes. “Onye Donzihien will never be a part of anything that will lead to the disintegration of PDP. It will rather remain a strong group of the PDP, and we will use it as a platform to mobilize and enlighten our people and make them know the policies and programmes of the PDP government and ensure that they follow massively believing in PDP’s agenda,” he said.

He went further to unfold the initiative of the association in alleviating the poor financial status of members who are peasant farmers, artisans and petty traders. According to him, “we are also proposing a micro credit system for members of Onye Donzihien group, where zero percent loans will be given to farmers, traders, business men and women and artisans, to support and boost whatever they are doing. Giving and retrieving the loans will strictly be monitored, and it will not be given based on ‘who knows who.’ We are kick-starting this loan scheme with the sum of 2million Naira,” he announced.

Sir Tony Obuh then called on all present at the gathering to remain committed and keep flying the flag of the group.


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