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It was all cloudy and gloomy at the palace of the monarch and the entire Owa Kingdom, on Thursday 12 April, 2018, as the Queen mother, Queen Victoria Efeizomor, the Alasi of Owa Kingdom, suddenly took her sail home.

The demise of the Queen Mother came in as a huge shock and a mighty blow to the Octogenarian monarch whose 80th birthday celebration had earlier been slated to hold on May 12, 2018, only a few weeks from now. But Tyche, the goddess of good and ill fortune according to Roman mythology, would not have the Piper pipe a joyous tune to the aging monarch.

The tragedy which hit the people at the wee hours of that fateful day, sounded first to many as a costly joke in the mid of April when ‘April Fool’ would not for any reason be permissible.

“I couldn’t believe it when I first heard it, because I interacted with the Queen Mother at the palace the previous day, and I still find it difficult to believe that it is true. It was sad news. No one expected it. It is so painful that she just left so early. She was a mother to all, and up till this very moment, it still remains a great shock to every member of the palace.

“It is so sad that death does not write an application before coming, and nobody can hold back its hands. When it strikes, it appears sudden and unbelievable. We have been waiting for our Queen mother to return, but, she is not forthcoming.

“Well, we give God the glory, because He alone knows why it so happened. If He has called her to come home, to Him be the glory. May her soul rest in peace,” said Mr. Usifoh Tony Adams, PA to His Majesty.

The palace typist, Mrs. Eunice Njoegbu also revealed that it all came in as a shock to her.

“I was at home when I got a call from a Prince that the Queen Mother is dead. I would have doubted it, but for the fact that it came from a prince. Even till this very moment, it all looks so strange and unbelievable,” she said, “Everybody is sad, “she added, lamenting,

In the same vein, a grocer opposite the palace, Mrs. Favour Obioma Efe expressed how sad she felt when the news hit her.

“It is so painful to us all. We cried bitterly when the news came. She was a very good woman. She was the one looking after us in this area. She always patronized me. I never believed it, when the news came. I simply said it was a lie because I saw her the previous night”.

For Mr. Okafor Onyemachi Innocent, “The woman in question was our mother. She is a mother to everybody, so generous to everyone. So I felt bad all through that day I heard it. I could not do anything that day”.

It was gathered that the Queen Mother collapsed as at 5am that fateful day of her demise while trying to prepare food for her hired labourers who were to work in her farmland, and also for those who would visit the palace later in the day.

As sympathizers, friends and fellow monarchs have since that day of the ugly incident been trooping to the palace, His Majesty is now gathering warmth and speck of relief.

Mrs. Eunice Njoegbu has also pleaded that his majesty be strong for all. “He should please take courage. We are begging him to take it in good fate so that he can continue to take care of us and the entire kingdom.”

Sequel to this, the birthday celebration of the king has been postponed till further notice.

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