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Dec 7, 2020

Ika people are celebrating the milestone of having the largest waterpark in West Africa launched on their soil, right in the heart of Agbor. Park Vega Waterpark commissioned on the 4th of December, 2020, and opened for operation on the 5th of December, 2020.

A Waterpark is a type of amusement park that features water play areas and facilities such as water slides for adults, and children, a wave pool that mimics the waves of the ocean, Splash Pad for toddlers to play, Black Hole, and Multi-Surf slides among other facilities.


The opening of the Park Vega Waterpark will enable the people of Ika and nearby communities such as Benin, Obiaruku, Asaba, Onitsha, even as far as Warri amongst others to have a taste of a world-class Waterpark.

According to the 2015 report conducted by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), the waterpark was defined as a facility with “at least four of the following attractions considered essential to a waterpark such as toddlers’/children’s play area, tube slide, lazy river, body flume, wave pool, tipping bucket play area, speed slide, family raft slide, mat racer slide, spray ground, still-water lagoon pool, action river, water coaster or a surfing simulator.” Park Vega Waterpark has most of the requirements for a waterpark.

The waterpark will affect Ika Nation economically in particular, and Delta State at large. There would be generation of new jobs – The people of Ika and the Delta State can benefit immensely as waterparks are known worldwide to create direct and indirect jobs wherever they are located.

Development of infrastructure – Research has shown that infrastructural development around waterparks is very fast as everyone wants to key into the business buzz created by the waterpark.

Waterparks are known to improve the image of the community where they are located. Obviously, Agbor and the Ika Nation will get on the tourism map. Waterparks are usually constructed in places considered as outskirts for reasons such as space, low traffic, easy access, a serene getaway location from city hassles, and others. The waterpark will indeed add reputational value to Delta State, Agbor, and surrounding communities.

There would also be increase in tourism since Waterparks have been known to benefit tourists’ businesses such as hotels, entertainment, lounges, restaurants amongst others. This helps the local communities and the State, in the long run, to grow its tourist potentials using the waterpark as a platform.

Furthermore, the economic benefits for having a waterpark in Delta State are numerous. There will be more business transactions in the surrounding communities as they will want to cash into the bee-hive of activities created. This will eventually transcend to more revenue generation the Local and State Government.


In the Transport Sector, the aviation industry, the new rail line that has just been commissioned by the Federal Government in Delta State and surrounding states, the road transporters are all expected to benefit from the window of opportunity opened by the waterpark located in Delta State.

Something of this magnitude have not been in existence in this region before now. Going by the IAAPA standards for waterparks as mentioned earlier, Park Vega Waterpark is the premiere and only waterpark in West Africa. But being the first did not stop the initiators from coming big on value; having state-of-the-art facilities that can found in the most updated waterparks in North America and Europe. And taking into consideration that Nigerians are one of the most travelled people on Earth and they are abreast with the best, nothing but the best value will do.

On the choice of Agbor as location for the Waterpark, and no other places like Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt. The fact is that Agbor chose Park Vega Waterpark. Usually, waterparks are built at the outskirts of major cities for several strategic reasons such as zero traffic to the venue, ease of assessment, the serenity of environment as people are trying to get away from the hassle, hustle and bustle of the city life.

Agbor is not just central to Delta State but in a way central to Nigeria as you can get to any part of the country with ease. Agbor connects the South West, South-South and South-East by road, to get to any of these regions, you have to go through the transit town of Agbor.


By flight/air, Agbor has three airports close to it such as Asaba, Benin, and Warri. The new Federal Government railway line has a train station close to the Park. To crown it all a leading international research company did a feasibility study and recommended Agbor as the better location to build the Park amongst others.

In view of what is to be expected in the next 10 years, the Park Vega Waterpark’s mission is to be the biggest water fun company in Africa by facilitating social interactions and family bonding through water fun and play. This can be achieved even before 10 years’ time, as the African continent deserves the best and Park Vega Waterpark will ensure world-class service to be its norm.

Park Vega Waterpark, Ewuru opens every day and during festive seasons.

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