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Oct 6, 2020

Mr. Lawrence Egun Onyeche, popularly known as Larry Onyeche, President-General, Agbor Community Union (ACU) in commemoration Nigeria’s expressed his opinion on some salient issues.

How do you feel having a railway station and in your area?

I feel great and happy that the Maintenance Station is located in our Area. It will grow our economy and social interaction. I also call on all to patronize it by going by train to Abuja.

As President-General Agbor Community Union (ACU), what message do you have for President Muhammadu Buhari?

As the PRESIDENT-GENERAL of AGBOR KINGDOM, the message to our President Muhammadu Buhari is, while appreciating him for a job well done, an appeal for the extending of the rail to Abuja instead of stopping at Itakpe. This is because it takes 3 hours by road from Itakpe to Abuja. It is better going straight from Agbor by rail to Abuja, rather than stopping and taking another Taxi from Itakpe to Abuja. Although I heard him say so, I urge him to ensure its imminent execution.

In similar vein, AGBOR should be taken into cognisance in the East -WEST RAIL Construction.

Nigeria is 60 as a sovereign nation. Is the country on the path of progress?

Nigeria as a sovereign Nation is now 60. Obviously, a man of 60 is no longer young. If he or she is in active service; he or she is expected to retire or to be retiring if in tertiary institution.

On  being on the path of progress, yes we are. When you talk of democracy and multiple states creation we are moving forward.

But in terms infrastructural development and strengthening of our Institutions, I will score her very low. Take for instance road network and its maintenance, very poor. Is it Electricity? Zero. In terms of economy that one is in comatose.


Example is the Naira Dollar exchange rate. Now, it is about #500/$1 as against #1/dollar in 1980. What a shame at 60. A Nation at 60, where poverty level is on the roof top. Minimum wage of #30k/ month is nothing compared to the rate of Inflammation. Now a bag of foreign rice is 30k/bag and that of Local is #25k/ bag Today, inflation rate is 15%.Tell me. How can the common man survive?

Check out all manufacturing industries including vehicle assembling plants, none exist now, making Nigeria a totally dependent on foreign / all imported items for existence.

Meanwhile, the politicians are swimming in millions while giving palliative handout of indomie and small food items to the poor.

Go to our hospitals, no equipment; you will weep. Thank God for the COVID-19 that made us all to remain within the country for 6 months since April 2020.The rich nouveau could not fly out to seek for medical treatment.. We say in parlance:”odumodu body” In Agbor we say “Onyemeke ihia ome onwe” It is really unfortunate.

Truly, any Nation that cannot, FEED her citizens cannot provide accommodation, that is, universal HOUSING, cannot guarantee HEALTH and EDUCATION FOR HER CITIZENS IS A FAILED NATION. A situation where u are in a Nation, you cannot feed 3 square meals a day, you struggle to build your accommodation, u pay ur health bills and pay education bills from kg to university all by yourself,

“Dienyi” Nigeria is a failed Nation. Our leaders need to grow. Selfishness, greed and avarice are their bane. People join politics to amass wealth NOT TO SERVE.

Again too, you blame us the masses, applaud illegal wealth. We encourage Yahoo, Yahoo and 419.

On the occasion of the 60th independence anniversary, what is your message for Ndi Agbor and Nigerians in general?

My message for Ndi-Agbor and Ndi-Ika in general is for them to remain focused. We are already used to SUFFERING AND SMILING. OUR PEAPLE ARE WORKAHOLICS

Moreover, Nigerians are very industrious. In Ika, we are great Farmers. We have cheap food and we struggle to keep ourselves happy and comfortable. We are self made and independent.

All we need from Government is good road network, Standard hospitals and Primary Health Centres with good facilities and qualified medical personnel.


I am using this opportunity to appeal to our Son, the hard-working Governor of Delta State Senator (Dr) A. Okowa to convert the College of Education Agbor to a University of Education. Again remodel our Baleke market to a Modern and Model Market.

Currently I am aware that the Low Capacity outdated leaky Agbor General Hospital MORTUARY is to be rebuilt to a Modern one very soon. Kudos to Our Governor.


I want to appreciate the speedy approach towards it’s realisation by our Governor. Towards this end, ALL FARMERS ON THE SAID LAND ARE BEING REQUESTED TO MAKE THEMSELVES AVAILABLE ON THEIR FARM ON A DATE SOON TO BE ANNOUNCED FOR THE CROPS ENUMERATION.

My advice to Nigerians is for them to remain calm and patient with our leaders. Sooner or later, we will be out of the woods.



1) Western Region

2) Midwest Region

3) Eastern Region

4) South Eastern Region (Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Rivers/Bayelsa ).

5) North Western Region

6) North Central Region

7) North Eastern Region

This will make for a better administration and a weak Central, with Region having their Laws.


The Police should be decentralized into:

  1. A) The Federal Police
  2. B) State Police
  3. C) Local Government Vigilante Police

This will make room for better policing and security services of our immediate environment.


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