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Mar 13, 2023


By Patrick Gbuchanye

A Community Leader from Ward 7 Ekwuoma in Ika North East Local Government Area, High Chief Gabriel Azukaego Njokede, also known as Turn by Turn (TBT) has described the overwhelming victory received by the baby opposition party, Labour Party (LP) in the just concluded Presidential and national assembly’s as greatest lesson for People’s Democratic Party (PDP) if possible, to make amend.

High Chief Njokede made this known while bearing his mind on the outcome of the election where in Ika nation, the strong home of PDP lost their votes to LP.

According to him, “It is shocking that the LP of yesterday can defeat us overwhelming. Our people are peaceful and the election was free and fair just as you can see the people jubilating that their choice of candidate has emerged victorious. It was one man, one vote.

“This is one of the best elections we have held in this area in the past owing to the fact that the people turned out en-masse to cast their votes.

“We, the PDP are facing the reality that we don’t need a soothsayer to tell us that the people are very angry with us and they are ready to vote our party out.

“The people’s anger is as a result the fact that it is the same set of people that have continued to benefit from the government they all fought for and are parading themselves as Lord over them,” he said.

Continuing, High Chief Njokede pointed out that the voting power remains with the people and with their PVCs, they can vote the contrary which has played out in the just concluded election, the choice of LP over PDP.

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