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In a chat with newsmen recently, C.S.P. Akintunde Oyeniran, the Divisional Police Officer, Agbor Police Divisional Headquarter, disclosed some tips on how to prevent kidnapping in Ika land and how to forestall robbery incidence within the Ember period. According to C.S.P Akintunde Oyeniran, residents of Ika land should take personal security issues serious as relate with the recent kidnapping trend within the area, saying, “I want people to observe these few tips so that they will be able as much as possible to avoid being kidnapped”.
He enumerated the tips to include. “See something and say something,” which he explained as, when you see strange people that you don’t know in your area of residence it is enough for you to call the DPO’s phone number to draw his attention to it, so that he can send his patrol team to the area, because their presence scare away the criminal that wants to come and perpetuate crime.

Secondly, he advised that when one stays in an area that is secluded or quiet, watch your movements, don’t move late at night and don’t move too early in the morning. When you notice some unfamiliar faces around your premises don’t be quick at driving into your premises when you are coming back from work or an outing, just drive and pass your house, take some time, drive back; if these people are still there, take your time and call the police, draw the attention of people in the area and raise an alarm, when you raise alarm people will definitely come out; but if you say, nothing will happen, it will affect you psychologically and financially when it will eventually happen at the end. C.S.P. Akintunde Oyeniran, assured that the safety of the residents is his concern, saying, that when something happens to them it’s as if it is happening to him and it will seem that the police is not working. He noted that the police cannot be everywhere, Hence, the need for residents to take the issue of the personal security is paramount.

Speaking further, the Divisional Police Officer, urged residents of Ika land to encourage Vigilante groups in their areas, to enable them put in their best because nobody is paying them, it is out of the interest for security that they came out to secure the areas; hence people should show concern and help them with the working instruments and logistics to enable them perform their duties effectively. Continuing, the security expert also advised owners of business, shops, residential houses and corporate organizations, the importance of having physical security around their premises; such as burglary proofs, alarm and CCTV cameras. He stated that these things are needed, because before somebody can access your premises, any place he has to break and while he is breaking it, will raise suspicion in the area whereby people in the area can call the police for them to come if it is too late for residents within the area to come out.

When asked about the presence of the stop and search of his men along Old Lagos/Asaba road, Agbor, he responded that the purpose of the Tactical Operational Diplomacy (TOD), being their professional term, is a proactive measure to forestall incidences of Bank robbery and free movement of arms, explaining that the major objective is to forestall any incidence of armed robbery

He gave the following numbers, as distress call numbers for Ember months in Ika South LGA, 08033443574; 2IC, 08037565418; D.C.O 2, 08030935807; D.C.O 3, 07032722454; DTO, 08033824912; P&G1, 08107601929, P & G2, 08087274011, P&G 3, 08165102297; D.O. Ekuku Agbor, 08032354693; D.O. AGBOR OBI, 08123405678; D.O AGBOR-NTA, 08066375010; S.O. AGBOR, 08033818307; P&G, 08135084465.

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