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Jan 28, 2018

The Chairman of Agbor Youths Association, popularly known as Agbor Gha-Ihun, Comrade Fidelis Omoile has stated that he remains the chairman of the association, pending when his tenure in office elapses, stating that he has not stepped down for any reason.

Comrade Omoile made this known to newsmen, while reacting to the publication on page 4, Ika Weekly Newspaper edition Vol4:No.42 of Saturday, January 20 to Saturday January 27, 2018, captioned “Monday Kiyem takes over Agbor Gha-Ihun as Chairman”. In his words, “the division in the leadership of Agbor Gha-Ihun is caused by politicians who because of selfish reasons want to take control of the association. The activities of these politicians are responsible for the animosity that is currently rocking Agbor-Gha-Ihun”.

He used the opportunity to warn that Agbor Gha-Ihun is not a political forum and thus, it is completely devoid of political undertones, revealing that long ago, politicians were seeking for ways to bring them under their influence and control. Comr. Omoile further explained that Agbor Youths Association is also known as Agbor Gha-Ihun and that it was founded to foster unity among the youths of Agbor extraction, and to maintain peace and order in Agbor Kingdom through assisting the law enforcement agents in fighting against crime.

Comrade Omoile said the accusation of embezzlement leveled against him is not valid, while also stating that a ‘senior Chief of Agbor’ who was said to have removed him and replacing him with his vice, Monday Kiyem has no right and power to remove any executive member from office, while stating that whatever claims the said Chief and Kiyem have made, they are acting under the influence of the politicians whom he believes have bought them over.

The chairman frowned at Kiyem and his followers for causing division among the association.



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