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Nov 11, 2019

The Acting Medical Director, Central Hospital, Agbor, Dr, Roy Maduka has revealed that the major problem the hospital has is the issue of electricity. He made this known during a chat with our reporters at his office in Agbor recently.

The Acting Medical Director noted that on assumption of office, he visited the Benin Electricity, Distribution Company, (BEDC) Agbor Business Unit to lay his complaint and seek ways to better the situation but regretted that BEDC promised they can only ensure power supply in the hospital for certain periods in the day but, still they failed to keep to their promise.


Dr. Maduka revealed that the 250KVA generator in the hospital was an old one and consumes N7000 diesel less than one hour; the hospital spends close to N25, 000.00 daily to generate electricity.

On, he noted that everyone do not have the same ability to absorb stress but that management constantly organizes in house training for personnel on how to manage stress emphasizing that with time, there would be improvement.

He noted that the hospital was strategically located and therefore many cases are brought in everyday revealing that the hospital handles about 350 patients everyday noting that with more starters, service delivery would be better.

The doctor said that when he took over as MD, the first thing he did was to ensure solar power was installed in some strategic areas like the emergency unit and others saying that at the moment, the hospital cannot afford to provide Solar for all the wards but hoped well meaning Ika indigenes would come to their aid as everything should not be left for the government.

He said Agbor was not like Warri where there are companies that support government owned hospitals while pleading that Ika indigenes should be concerned over the state of the hospital and assist when they can instead of blaming government.

The Acting Medical Director claimed that the starters are doing their best but that in a situation where one feels he or she was not being treated well, such person should report to the appropriate quarter and the matter would be looked into and handled appropriately.

Dr. Maduka pointed out that he had to employ the services of casual workers to clear the grasses in the hospital as those employed for the purpose are few, and cannot handle it due to the large expanse of land in the premises.

The medical practitioners insisted that the hospital was doing her best. He maintained that the way to ascertain if a hospital was doing well was the mortality rate of patients.

He called on the contractor handling the electricity project to make haste and provide bulk meter which was one of the problems with power supply in the establishment while adding that if one does not have money to execute a project, such individual or company should not go for it.

In the same vein, Dr. Maduka has also advised Ika residents to enroll for Delta State Health Contributory Scheme if they want to enjoy free primary medical treatment while he condemned assaults on medical personnel in the hospital by irate youths who feel that treatment in the hospital is supposed to be free.

The Medical Director condemned the situation where youths would attack medical personnel in the hospital because they feel or believe that treatments in the hospital was free while pointing out that treatment was not free except for children below five years and the elderly.

He noted that another set of people who enjoy free primary health care are civil servants and those who have enrolled for it, saying that those who are not in those categories should enroll under the Delta State Contributory Health Care Scheme, where one would pay a certain amount and enjoy free primary treatment for a period.

Speaking further, Dr. Maduka noted that most of the report of assault was from the emergency unit of the hospital, saying that when accident victims or other casualties were brought in, those who brought them expects they would be treated free even when drugs and other things were needed for the treatment.

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