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PREPARE FOR THE WORSE, Chief Hassan Warns Nigerians

Jul 7, 2024

PREPARE FOR THE WORSE, Chief Hassan Warns Nigerians

Predicts Revolution, Calamities Come, August, 2024

By Nicholas Ebegboni

The citizens of Nigeria have been issued a warning about the potential difficulties they may face in August 2024 if the current economic struggle continue without resolution.

This warning was delivered by Chief Yomi Odunselu Hassan, an esteemed traditional medicine practitioner and businessman, during conversation with our correspondent at his office in Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State over the weekend.

The Ekwueme 1 of Akumazi Kingdom, Chief Hassan urged both the federal and state governments to urgently take swift action and address the pressing economic issues before the nation experiences even greater loss. He expressed deep concern for the many Nigerians who are currently enduring immense suffering, hardship, and anguish.

Chief Hassan firmly stated that if the government fails to find solution to the current economic problems, particularly the skyrocketing prices of food and other vital products, starvation and hunger will result in a revolution before August 30, 2024. This he said, could lead to a devastating loss of lives.

Speaking further, Chief Hassan called upon the President of Nigeria, His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to take immediate action and reduce the prices of fuel and diesel to two hundred and two hundred and fifty naira respectively.

He emphasized the need for the government to consider the economic struggles of its citizens and take necessary steps to alleviate their burden, while urging President Tinubu to address the skyrocketing prices of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), commonly referred to as fuel, and diesel.

He submitted that, these two products are essential for transportation, electricity generation, and other crucial aspects of daily life, making their affordability crucial for the well-being of the people.

Chief Hassan further stated, the high cost of fuel and diesel has a ripple effect on the prices of other commodities, including food items. According to him, the transportation costs are passed onto the consumers, leading to inflated prices of essential goods.

Additionally, he said, with the borders closed, the limited supply of imported goods has also contributed to the surge in prices, therefore, Chief Hassan urged the federal government to open all borders and facilitate trade to reduce the cost of living for Nigerians.

The public analyst stated that, as citizens, it is our right to demand affordable living conditions, and it is the duty of the country’s leaders to ensure that it is fulfilled.

He said, “Let’s us hope that President Tinubu takes immediate action in response to this plea, and together, we can all pave the way for a more prosperous and peaceful Nigeria, and avoid whatever pending disaster that awaits the nation.” he concluded.