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Aug 7, 2017
Mr Lucky Mgbeken

The President-General of Agbor Community Union, Mr. Lucky Mgbeken has resigned. The news of his resignation was disclosed at the Congress of the Union held on Saturday, June 29, 2017 at Agbor Community Hall to receive the report from the constituted ad hoc committee of the union to investigate some alleged misconduct suspected within the leadership of the union.

Mr. Larry Onyechie (Acting President-General)
Some Members of Agbor Community Union
Executive Members of Agbor Community Union

However, the news was indeed shocking to most Agbor indigene as the administration was barely a year old.  IKA WEEKLY NEWSPAPER reporter gathered that, Mr. Mgbeken had sent in his resignation letter to the union prior to the date of the congress where it was subsequently announced.

          During the congress which was presided over by the 1st vice of the Union, Mr. Larry Onyechie following the absence of the President-General, Mr. Mgbeken, the Chairman of the five-man ad hoc Committee, Barr. Ndidi, in their recommendation, insisted that, Mr. Mgbeken having resigned voluntarily, must pay back an estimated amount of the money disclosed at the congress which he collected without the executive approval into the Union’s account within a period of time.

          They also recommended that the Treasurer, Mr. Friday Ebuh being culpable in the withdrawal of the said money should be relieved of his position.

          Other recommendation include minimum qualification of all executive positions of the Union should be first degree and three signatories among whom are the President-General, Secretary and the Financial Secretary shall sign the Union’s cheque before any withdrawal is made. In addition, all bank alerts should be received by the above mentioned officers.

          However, the motion of the recommendation by the ad hoc committee as moved to be used as a working document was unanimously supported after the ratification that NCE should be the minimum qualification of any person for any elective positions into the union executive.

          Meanwhile, in line with the Union’s constitution, the House swore in Mr. Larry Onyechie who was the 1st Vice-President of the Union to lead in acting capacity as the President-General while Mr. Charles Ekpenisi, former Provost of the Union was asked to act as the Treasurer before the next congress.

          Mr. Mgbeken when contacted on phone explained the reason for his resignation. He said circumstances prevailing within the executive and most importantly, the challenges encountered while trying to manage his office as the President-General, his business and family based in Port-Harcourt led him to take a bow.

          His words, “It has not been easy for me traveling to and fro Port-Harcourt and Agbor since I became the President-General of Agbor Community. The situation was quite unfortunate for me as it has greatly affected my business and family all based in Port-Harcourt, hence, I have to resign to face that which is more paramount to me.”

          When asked about the allegation on the money he owed the Union, Mr. Mgbeken noted that the matter was wrongly interpreted,  saying that the money he collected was a loan which he had earlier promised to pay back within a given period of time.

          Meanwhile, he wished all Agbor indigenes well amidst his promise to continuously contribute his quota to the development of Agbor Kingdom while in Diaspora. “I am grateful for the privilege given to me to serve in the capacity of the President-General, Agbor Community Union but the challenges regarding the management of my business and family would not allow me to continue. I pray the entire Agbor people accept my apology,” he concluded.

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