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Dec 15, 2020

It is now on public domain that the Delta State Electoral Commission, DSIEC, has created 34 new electoral wards, bringing the number of wards in the state to 500 and also fixed a date for Delta Local Government elections. Chairman of the Commission, Chief Mike Ogbodu, who announced the creation of the new wards at a meeting with political parties and stakeholders in Asaba, said the state local government election would hold March 6, 2021.

Going by the information made available by DSIEC, pre-elections activities would commence immediately with party primaries to be held from December 7 to 31.

There are reasons that typify these developments as commendable.

Apart from the general belief that Local governments and elections are two essential features of modern democracies that helps to establish, nurture and sustain democracy and democratic political culture, organizing another local government election in the state within the constitutionally stipulated 3 years for local government elections, qualifies the State Governor, Senator (Dr.) Ifeanyi Okowa, as a leader that abides by democratic ethos.

This fact becomes well appreciated when Deltans remember those there existed occasions where some State Governors in Nigeria completed their constitutional two terms in the office without organizing local government elections. Instead of organizing local government elections, they preferred, and made use of party loyalists as members of local governments caretaker Committees. A state of affairs that disenfranchised and prevented citizens from participating in the state’s democratic processes.


But with such period elections at the local government/grassroots level, it more than anything else provides the electorate with the power to freely participate in choosing their leaders at the grass roots and in providing the much-needed support and legitimacy to the state.

With the above clarified, the ball is now left in the court of Deltans to choose the right people that will bring development to their localities.  Leaders that will be made accountable, and contribute to the institutions that create the stability of the political system.

Therefore, as Deltans await this date with excitement, the newspaper must remind all –particularly the people of Ika Nation that some of the people elected 3 year ago, going by their records, performed very well while some performed below average. Deltans must ‘forgive but must not forget their names’. The wisdom behind this statement is that they must not allow such for the second term.  It is easier to prevent them than to overcome them while they are in the office.  `

Finally, while Ika Weekly Newspaper charges the Delta State Electoral Commission, DSIEC to organise a credible, free and fair election come March 2021, , it is equally part of the newspaper’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), to, in the words of Mar Twin, reminds public office seeking politicians that; It is better to deserve an honour and not have it than to have it and not deserve it. Dignity is not in possessing but in deserving.


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