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May 11, 2024


Some youths, men and women in Umunede ward 11 in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State took to the street on Thursday May 9, 2024 to protest the imposition of a councillorship candidate by some leaders in People’s Democratic Party for the forthcoming local government election.

Some of the protesters carried placards which had inscriptions such as, “Say no to Umu-Oshie”, “Umu-Oshie give way for other family”, “Maintain Desiec rules, sustain zoning, give other families a chance”, “Obi Councillorship is not one family property”, “Give consideration to candidate who has Umunede and general youths at heart”, among others.

Some of the protesters who spoke to the press expressed displeasure over the attitude of some persons in the party, saying that they will no longer accept any candidate imposed on them, saying that the era of imposition of candidate on the people is gone.

One of the protesters, Mr. Chinelo Ifeanyi Okafor said, “We are seeking for the progress of Umunede youths and Umunede Kingdom in general. The councilorship position in Umunede should be rotational and not for one particular family, the youths should be allowed to make their choice, Umunede must speak with one voice, things must be done well, we don’t want any foul play” he said.

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Comr. Obuseh Raymond said, “No to imposition of candidate in election in Umunede, everything should be done free and fair, there should be due procedure in every election in Umunede, no more monopoly from Asaba, the Delta State Governor has said any imposition of candidate should be rejected” he concluded.

Mrs. Stella Chiemeke said, “Umu-Ogah family should be allowed to produce councillorship candidate, Umu-Oshie family has been the family producing councillorship candidate since I came to Idumu Ile Quarters, we have come out to say no to imposition, the system must be changed, we are all mothers and we will not accept it, the system should be rotational and not for only a particular family”, she added.

Mr. Ifeanyi Hilary speaks, “We are here for a peaceful protest to change the narrative, Umu-Oshie family has been the family producing councilor in Idumu Ile, we have woken up to say no to Umu-Oshie family, enough is enough, it is the turn of Umu-Ogah family to produce a candidate for councillorship position.

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