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Apr 1, 2023


Our attention has been drawn to a front-page publication in last week edition of the respected community newspaper, Ika Weekly Newspaper, made by one Chief Frank Igwebuike, edition.

The said publication celebrated with relish, albeit falsely, ‘winning his Polling Unit and Ward for Ovie Omo Agege, the governorship candidate of his party…in Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s LGA”.

He went further to assert that he is registered with Hon. Anthony Elekeokwuri, member representing Ika North East LGA in the Delta State House of Assembly, in the same polling unit.

Ordinarily, we would have ignored the stupid publication, if only it stuck to the many childish imputations, designed to plead to his party to remember him in the dispensing of the benefits of electoral victory which they claimed at the national level. But the attention-seeking, obscene and shameless write up went beyond tolerable limits to make references and cross-references, which impugned on the character and good records of Hon. Tony Elekeokwuri.

In the first place, Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu did not win any polling unit in the 2023 presidential election in Umunede. Labour Party and the PDP carried the day, with the Labour party coming tops. APC came a distant third position in all the Polling Units.

Secondly, the performance of the opposition party in the governorship election of 18th March 2023 was largely due to the person of the contestant for the House of Assembly seat from Umunede, under that party, on the same day that the voting for governor took place. Because Umunede had no contestant from the PDP and the lie had been sold by this same deceitful chief that their son was dropped for the governor’s daughter, it was easy to herd gullible, simpletons in Umunede along the wrong path.

This same opposition contestant made far bigger wave in 2019, when this garrulous impostor was not in that party. This man’s presence in that party about four months to the 2023 election was a total liability and he has the audacity to arrogate this year’s victory of his party in the House of Assembly and governorship contest to himself alone. What a shame. What immodesty and lack of humility.  This man’s political worth is over in Umunede and he had better go into political oblivion quietly.

Thirdly, this paid advert, which is designed for distribution at levels where those to allocate positions in APC PCC will see, has absolutely no value for our Umunede community. Only one person, namely the initiator, Chief Francis Igwebuike is primed to be rewarded. What else was the point in making such a beggarly advertorial?

Our astonishment is accentuated by the determination of this hate monger to keep on fanning the ambers of hatred that pitches the good people of Umunede against their Owa neighbours, thereby maintaining an umbilical cord of continuous nourishment for his famished soul.

Since Delta State was created in 1991 and Owa Oyibu came out with the LGA headquarters instead of Umunede that was widely believed to be favoured, Umunede people have not been happy. But thirty-three years after the irreversible existence of our local government with headquarter at Owa Oyibu, what has continued to hurt Umunede in the politics of our local government are people like Chief Igwebuike who continue to feed our people with hate speeches designed to keep turning our people against neighbouring peaceful communities.

The coming into politics of Hon. Anthony Elekeokwuri eight years ago, began to open the eyes of our people to the deceitful, self-serving politics, where a few persons feed off an incited citizenry, who are kept in place with spurious claims, lies and hate speeches. Hon. Tony began the task of integrating Umunede into the mainstream of Ika politics.  And some people don’t want it so, because a political leader is quietly and divinely emerging for the long suffering Umunede people.

What Umunede needs now are community leaders who would talk our people into the virtues of participating in team work, along with the other wards in the LGA, not isolationalism of one ward amongst 14 wards.

We use the opportunity and medium to congratulate the performing Governor of Delta State, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa on the resounding victory recorded by our party in the just concluded governorship contest in the state. We also congratulate the incoming governor and Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Francis Oborevwori and his deputy, Sir Monday Onyeme for their resounding victory over a mace thief and an interloper. We equally congratulate all the PDP winners that we voted for in our Ward namely, Senator-Elect Prince Ned Nwoko, Rt. Hon. Victor Nwokolo for House of Representatives and Barrister Marilyn Okowa-Daramola for Delta House of Assembly.

Long Live the PDP.

Long Live Umunede kingdom Long Live the Obi of Umunede.


  1. Chief Celestine Eluehike

Chairman, Ward 11, Umunede.


  1. Hon. Francis Meghai Unit Chairman, Idumu Ile Qtrs.


  1. Hon. Nwoji Samuel Unit Chairman, IdumuIleje Qtrs.


  1. Hon. Oyibo Cyprian Unit Chairman, Obi Qtrs.


  1. Hon. Obi Chukuka Unit Chairman, Idumu Oba Qtrs.


  1. Hon. Uche Okolie Unit Chairman, New Road, Umunede.


  1. Hon. Obi Chukuka Unit Chairman, Idumu Oba Qtrs.


  1. Hon. Uche Okolie Unit Chairman, New Road, Umunede.

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