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Sep 1, 2017

You may have many ideas about specific objects, relationship, sums of money, and other things you want to have or create. Some of these things you want can help you express your qualities more fully, and some may not. You may have experienced this when you got something you thought you wanted and it did not bring you the satisfaction you thought it would. You should try to start attracting or desiring only those things that are the best tools for expressing your unique qualities, talents and fulfilling your deeper needs, and be satisfied with everything you create and possess.
It is important that before going all out to acquire anything you want, you need to ensure that you have clarity of what you desire. You have to know the essence that something will give you, the needs it will fulfill, and the qualities you can express through it to fully fulfill those needs. When you get only what you actually want or need, it will be in a form that will truly give you satisfaction and joy. As a result, you will then have things that are even better than you imagine.
You can effectively attract things to yourself without necessarily knowing the form, amount or appearance of what you desire, but, you must know their essence. However, the essence of something is the function or role you want an item to perform, the purposes for which you will use it for, or what you think it will give you. Many things other than what you picture in your mind might give you the essence of what you want, so being open to letting what you want come in whatever way, time; size, shape, or form is most appropriate. The Bible in Romans 8:28 says, “All things work together and are (fitting into a plan) for good to and for those who love God and are called according to (His) design and purpose (Amplified Bible).
By knowing the essence of what you want, you will make it possible for you to get it in many ways. For instance, if the essence you desire from buying a new car is reliable transportation, you might be able to find many ways to create that besides buying a new car, you may buy a new one that may just be unreliable as the assumed faulty car you currently have. In other words, by coming clear on the essence you want, you may increase the range of possible forms and ways in which these forms can come to you.
You may not know what features will best suit your requirements. You may want a new home but do not know where the location should be or how many rooms it may have. In this case, you can get specific about what functions it will fill in your life and how you will use it. You may desire a house that has lots of light, is near trees or river, offers privacy from neighbours, lots of space and so on. These features are the essence of the house you actually need.
If you always focus on only appearance or the picture in your mind of what you really need, for example, a home but you are not clear on the functions you will want your house to fulfill in your life, you might get the specific appearance you want and find out that the house does not serve your needs. If you buy a particular thing just because you like its appearance or most especially because somebody has it, you might be disappointed.
While it is good to picture a very specific house for example, if you can, even down to the colours of the walls, you also need to know why you want those specific features. Once you know the essence or purpose of what you want, the objects (money, spouse, car, job, clothes) you acquire will give you what you hope they will.
Even if you know the shape or form of what you want, you still need to know the essence. To discover the essence, you have to be specific as much as you can. For instance, if you want a new television, think about the colour, features, and options that you want; then ask, “Why do I want this feature instead of that one?” As you are more specific, you will discover the essence of what you want. Be open to having the best thing to come
Once you are clear about the essence of what you want, learn to recognize it when it comes. If there is something you want but you are yet to have it, explore the essence of your request. Your soul brings you the essence of what you desire, although it may not be in the form or timing you expect. The essence of what you want may have already come to you; all you need is to recognize it.
Focus on what you want, not getting rid of something you do not want. Many people do not know what they want, yet they are clear on what they do not want. If you do not know what you want, you can start with looking at the circumstances in your life that you do not like, and ask for opposite circumstances to appear. Instead of saying, “I do not want to struggle to pay my rents,” you could say, I pay my rents easily every month.
Acquire the things you truly need and are neccesities, you are prepared to have, and you are excited about having. If, after thinking that you need something, you realized that you are not truly prepared to go after it and make it your primary focus, it is better to let go of wanting it and put your energy into getting something else that is truly meaningful to you. If you are not truly motivated or clear on your intention to have something, you may not have that thing.
Desire only what you truly want, not something that is a compromise. Acquiring objects that are compromised is rarely exciting enough to stimulate you to do what is necessary to get them. If you do not feel you can create what you want, it is better not to ask for something in its place that does not really excite or motivate you.
You are motivated to create the things you love, the things that bring you delight and not just relief or borne out of envy, strife, greed and jealousy. Do not crave for something just because some other person has it. Take away all the things that are not needful out of your mental list of things of what you desire. Life is not a competition. Once you have made the decision that your goal is worth getting and putting energy into, make it a priority. You may not have to commit much energy, but be willing to do so if necessary.
Advisedly, having a clear understanding about what you desire and its essence is powerful in bringing something into your life in a way that will truly fulfill and satisfy you. Most importantly, this object; sum of money, or relationship you desire, when it finally actualized will help you to express positive qualities such as love, peace of mind, enthusiasm, energy, freedom, commitment, joy, satisfaction and sense of fulfillment. So, you can have whatever you believe you can have, if you begin to put into consideration the essence of anything you want.

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