• Sat. Jul 13th, 2024


Aug 26, 2017

Follow your heart; do not allow other people’s pictures of what you ought to be doing determine what you do. Your life’s work may be quite different from what others assume is the best for you. However, you must realize that most times they mean well and want to see you succeed. They can advise, guide and counsel you, but only you can know what your path is. It is important that you know and honour your own sense of direction and purpose. To succeed at anything, you must love it. If it feels right, honours your integrity, and brings you joy, do it. Success comes when you follow your heart.It is best to follow your own wisdom. If things turn out well, you will know that you did it yourself, and you will even have more trust and confidence in yourself and your future. If things do not turn out as you expect, you will have gained much knowledge and experience that will help you make better choices in the future. Either way, you gain much more by following your own God-given wisdom than by doing what others think you ought to do.
There are no excuses for not acting upon your dreams. Some blame others for their inability to act upon their dreams, saying “I am not free; my husband or my wife will not let me; I have too many responsibilities to my children or parents.” If you keep telling yourself why you cannot have what you want, you will not have it. Begin to tell yourself why you CAN have what you want. There are always actions you can take right now or any given time to transform your dreams into reality. You always have a choice, for no matter how boxed in or trapped you feel by any situation, there is always a way out.
Take a moment to think about what you will do with your life. Are you waiting for anyone to give you permission to do it, or to help you out before you begin? If so, are you willing to give yourself permission to do what you want? Do so now. Are you holding back because someone in your life does not support what you do? The process of discovering your life’s work and learning to believe in yourself is just as important as doing the work. If someone came along and handed everything to you, you would not have the strength that comes from doing it yourself. You are the captain of the ship of your life.
In order to improve our life, first believe that something better exists. Many people think that what they have now is the best they can create and as such they fear making many changes. Start at least believing that circumstances could be better, that you can have what you want, that it is best to do what you love with your life. There is always a way that you can have what you want, if only you will know what you want and stick to it, no matter the distraction. Your circumstances can be changed to a better one.
Some people worry that they are too old to change careers and business; or that it is too late to achieve their destiny. You are never too old. Many people have founded major businesses after the age of sixty. Your latter days can become better than your earlier days. As some will say, the evening of your life can turn out better and sweeter than the morning of your life.
To achieve success and fulfillment in life, it is pertinent that you believe in yourself; give yourself permission to be all you can be; take a leap of faith by taking action concerning your decision, that is, you should take the appropriate steps towards your life goals. Lastly, just follow your heart; remain focused,determined and prayerful and take time to develop your skill in that thing you love doing.