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Dec 16, 2022


The Housewife Is A Married Woman. Right?

There are many married women today, but can you justifiably say that these married women are ideal housewives? Can you declare that information? Can you?

We all know, whether we publicly accept it or not, that only very few married women today are good housewives. If they are not good housewives, then they cannot be part of the women regarded as the ideal housewives.

This is so because very many of the so called wives today have acquired the knowledge of the environment to the extent that they are in a class adjusted to be morally impure.

Who is this judge? The community we live in is the judge.

In the good old days, our people used to say the owl looks very much like the witch. There were justifiable reasons for such a pronouncement. Those reasons are still very valid to this day.

In that case, how will you classify a wife who goes out, leaving her husband and children at home and stays out until the next day or at best, until the wee hours? How would you classify the wife who leaves home to various destinations unknown to her family members only to come back home to a warm welcome after over four days and four nights of being away from home? And because this is her normal way of life such immoral going out and coming in of this wife are no longer mere assumptions but practical realities.

The question you may wish to ask at this point is since, she comes back to a warm welcome, is it not possible that those movements were authorized and approved by her husband? The other side of this question is, does the husband have a choice in this matter?

Now, arising from this particular matter, would you justifiably classify a woman like this as a housewife? These days, this type of woman and many women out there like this woman change lovers as if they are changing their wrappers. Does the husband of this type of wayward wife have a choice in the matter?

From a very long time ago, a people’s culture has always been dynamic. Right?

Is this why in today’s world, people have pushed traditional values based on the people’s culture and Biblical sources aside as no longer tenable because they are no longer fashionable?

New styles of living life are now in vogue. Why? Simply because the modern way of thinking is that moral values are now relative and no longer absolute.

Does this justify the life of the wayward wife? If no, then what justifies it?

Is it poverty? Is it physical body beauty? Is it character malformation? Is it poor home training? What is the cause of waywardness in wives of yesterday and today?

A normal man likes a beautiful woman for a wife. However this beauty must not be in the physical body appearance alone, but it must also be firmly entrenched in the woman’s character. Unfortunately, these two attributes have translated into waywardness in modern women in modern times.


Now, the question to ask is what really do men want in the women they want to marry?

Do men need the flamboyant, dazzling girl to marry? Do they want the domineering girl? Do they need the moody type or the easy going type without any doctrine or principles to guide her living? Do they want the wine drinking girls or the cigarette smokers? Do men want to marry the beauty conscious woman or the butterfly type who take men for granted?

What do men really want in the women they want to marry?

Look at the list of the women above. None will inspire men into marriage, because they will most likely not make good wives. Men actually want the exact opposite of those women listed above for marriage.

A man wants a well cultured woman with exemplary character for a wife. He wants a woman who is a homemaker who will ensure that the home is neat and presentable every time of the day or week.

There is a saying that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This saying underscores the very important fact that every husband values good meals. This brings us to the next crucial point. The man needs a woman who will cook his meals and cook them very well. A major part of his joy and his satisfaction comes from eating meals cooked by his wife. Therefore, in addition to all that have been said, the man needs a wife who is a very good cook.

Consciously added to all that have been said is the fact that the man needs a good and refreshing companion in bed. As human beings, sex has a very powerful driving force in our lives. Marital sex is something that many husband look forward to because it is a unique part of their marriage. Therefore, do not underestimate the power of sex in the life of any man, because it has led to the breakage of many marriages.

It is important to note at this point that the problems of the wife will be played down, if not completely overlooked on many homes if the sexual relationship between the husband and wife are satisfactory. This situation is not only true but also very realistic in many homes where the husband and wife enjoy good sexual relationship .

Finally, it is important to note here by pointing out the seeming anomaly of life in a matrimonial home setting.

The wife is the cook. That is, she is the cooking partner in that home. She is the one who is expected to understand hard times when hard times and unimaginable situations surface in the home. Obviously, she is the childbearing partner. The wife is the partner who is expected to back-pedal in conflict times.

The question you may want to ask at this point is how do you as the wife squeeze out happiness in such a one-sided relationship? Ironically it is the only way that leads to happiness in the home. But you know something, it is what you sow that you will reap.

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