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Sep 15, 2018

It has come to my notice that some people who have a different view about my aspiration have gone as far as spreading unfriendly propaganda in order to poison many with rabid sentiments that if I emerge as member representing Ika South at the Delta State House of Assembly, I would remove my immediate community, Emuhu from the rest of Agbor Kingdom. Ordinarily, it is not in my nature to join issues with those who have taken this pedestrian path, but for the purpose of clarity and posterity, I have chosen to speak up; thereby setting the records straight to the good people of our beloved great Agbor kingdom.

Let me begin by stating unequivocally that dragging my name to the mud simply because I am an Emuhu man is purely unacceptable and sectional in its entirety. It’s pure pettiness. And it’s more like bringing sentiments into play where performance has failed. And as we all know, this cannot make a sound and axiomatic argument anywhere in the world today. Hence, it would be more acceptable to appraise facts, figures and apparent intentions the exact way they are than creating a variance with a propaganda that holds no water like this.

As a young man – who is aspiring to begin his political journey in the legislative Chamber of House of Assembly, it will be politically suicidal for me to divorce my immediate community, Emuhu from a geographical marriage which has spanned for several decades. The beauty, peculiarity and uniqueness of the great Agbor Kingdom can only be extolled of its numerical strength, unity and internal cohesion. I am therefore not oblivious of this fact; and as a true son of the soil who was born and bred in the arts, culture and tradition of love and unity of the great Agbor Kingdom, I can’t tread a different path from the above.

Facing reality, detaching certain communities like Emuhu from our parent Kingdom – Agbor would be an unwise decision that would not mean well for the kingdom’s political and cultural fortunes. Politics as we all know is a game of numbers. As such, carving out territories and communities at this point in time from our great Kingdom would not be a decision any Agbor son or daughter would take, not even my humble self.

Emuhu secession would no doubt make the Agbor numerical strength vulnerable politically and otherwise. Our estimated population is about 9,863 indigenes. And as a person, I believe it must not be tampered with.

Squarely put, a united Agbor kingdom with zero marginalization is best for me. Not just for me; but for us all and our unborn generation in view. Even if I were to become a President of Nigeria tomorrow, a disunited Agbor would remain one thing I would not fancy or give in not even an atom of my support for. I so much respect the unity and oneness of Ika South that I would not trade it for anything, not even my political ambition.

Our father, brother and leader, His Excellency the Executive Governor of Delta State, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa whose love for Ika unity is very much profound, would not in any way support such moves of detaching communities from their parent Kingdom. As it is in the Nigerian Constitution, the governor has the final say in making any community an autonomous community in any State of the Federation. The question is: would our Governor Dr. Okowa pen down his approval for a disintegrated Agbor kingdom? Obviously, NO!

More so, the 1999 Constitution as amended gives no room for a House of Assembly member to carry out such an act to create an autonomous community. Hence, it should be clearly stated that even as a member of the state House of Assembly I would have no such powers on my own to establish an autonomous community.

When a whole lot of people are creating enabling environments for their constituents, one wouldn’t expect me to dwell in dividing a kingdom that existed even before my parents were born. Even our great forefathers wouldn’t be happy with me. I am very much aware of all these, and I can’t disappoint the good people of Agbor kingdom in this regard.

In the words of Dr Benjamin Ikenchuku Keagborekwuzi, the Dein of Agbor Kingdom, “The kingdom of Agbor remains one and indivisible.” And as a person, I am in absolute alliance with the Dein’s proclamation.

In as much as I take cognizance of the democratic right of individuals to aspire or support any aspirant, it is my view that this should be done with some level of decorum, civility and some sort of sincerity. Elections and politics are ephemeral; brotherhood and friendship tarry for a life time. Politics is only a means to an end. And the ‘end’ should simply be to affect lives and transform our society. This is the whole essence – and drifting apart just for the quest of power would be unhealthy for us all as a nation.

As I write, the peoples governor has not only mollified my dear community, Emuhu, but has also made our people enjoy some basic dividends of democracy in the state. Succinctly put, the people are in good spirit of love and unity. Closely tied to the above, in my own little capacity I have been putting in some little efforts in addressing some of their pressing challenges.

My resolve to make a case for my community has made me initiate peace talks upon my return. And I have duly met with his Imperial Majesty severally to sustain this move of ethnic integration among other things.

However, let me conclude by urging all those hoodwinking the general public that I have the intention of seceding Emuhu from the rest of Agbor, to kindly desist from it. Such campaign of calumny is not only unfortunate, but demeaning. They should know that no amount of propaganda can stop a mandate whose time is ripe. My intentions are pure and my mandate is divine. I make bold to say, they are practically devoid of anything that would lacerate the long sustained unity of our great Kingdom.

My aspiration for Delta State House of Assembly has come to stay; and its classical aim is to make life better for our people. Truly, the time is now: let’s together change the game.

Long live Agbor kingdom!
Long live the Dein of Agbor!
Doh Dein… Ni tor neyin fe.. Ise!

Amb. Paul Alika, Aspirant For DTHA, Ika South Constituency under the Peoples Democratic Party.