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Aug 21, 2023

By Chucks Dominic Morsi

In an attempt to explain or quantify what your worth is, there is need taking a dive first into how you look at yourself or evaluate your sense of worth; and this is very important.
In case you do not know yet what you are worth, we may have to start by having a critical review and re-evaluation process to ascertain what and how you perceive yourself to be (which sometimes are erroneous). Personal perception is crucial in the matter of establishing your ‘WORTH’ and value sense.
Let me ask, do you really believe in yourself? Friend, don’t ever make the mistake of regarding yourself as a “commoner”. Why?
Naturally, common people or things are those things without attraction, regard, possesses no special feature, characteristics or value. Once you lose your value qualities, the implication could be far-reaching, in that you become worthless like salt that has lost its savor. Your prestige devalues less than a frog garden.
In people’s eyes, you will be nothing more than a penny! Do you know why? By your attitude, you make yourself cheap, not because you did not come from a noble family background, but your wrong mentality kept you where you are today.
Mind you, they are so many people today who came from what I may call (please permit me) “lowest common” family lineage, but today, unlike those days when it was not acceptable for those from royal family to marry or associate with commoners, things have changed; as those from poor backgrounds, having made great marks in history, have turned the table and now can afford to mix with both the rich and affluence, even marrying to Aristocrats families!
Make yourself an unusual person. This is how you are able to break down bridges and pull down walls of class.
In a rich man’s world, you learn and enjoy the most. How do you get there? Make the choice. It is all about your mentality and personal image projection. Think about it, though I have said it before and I need to say it again that attractive packaging of a product can help to sell the products.
How have you been packaging yourself lately? Remember the way of success is never easy, but it is worth giving every trial and attention.
You must do the right thing; your public image projection must be different from what you are personally going through in the private. For instance, avoid the mistake of wearing the signboard of your peculiar challenges on your forehead, as it is almost visibly noticed wherever you go. This will not in any way help to improve your worth.
Change your attitude, re-orientate your mindset, add value and meaning to your status and continue to enjoy the bliss of value. Nothing should be overlooked.
Having confidence, believing in yourself and in your ability should not only have an inherent strength of purpose, but also provides one of many key ways in which your life and career can be at their bests.
Self-confidence makes you self-assured in any situation and circumstance.
This is in line with my thrust in writing this article (extracted from a motivational book which I authored though not yet in the market) as an obligation to help strip off all the existing self-defeating shrug and mentality of “it doesn’t matter” dislocating you from the place of destiny and purpose due to inferiority complex.
My impression regarding how much you are worth and how to know it, ignited my passion to write the book which I just made reference to. Some positive things I said, coupled with the simple style I adopted are meant to inspire and provoke you and let the content make a lasting impression on you.
I believe your ‘WORTH’ is in your abilities that need to be harnessed to help you earn your proper value in the socio-economic environment.
I also feel that the book is a very significant pathfinder in reshaping those who are ready to increase their self-esteem and status, because as a man is, so he thinks; and as he thinks, so he is.
When I thought of the word “worth” which is in direct connection with the word “value” I asked myself what does value mean? In an attempt to establish what value is, in direct opposite to its literary meaning, I remarkably x-rayed the word with a view to helping you discover not only the nuggets, but also the excellent virtue embedded in it.
What do I mean? Every product on the shelf of a store has its own peculiar value, while others are seen as a brand. It is how the owners of the product are able to package it so well to appeal to the buyer’s eye that convinces the buyer to pay higher for the product as a premium.
Package yourself well to become relevant and sought after. Your status should matter to you. Reposition yourself through better image-laundering and be noble in your aspirations. By this, you will be able to enhance your worth and value. Changes are made to a house in order to increase its value and this suggests that one can only become better than the usual, provided you are willing to develop and improve on your potential gifts and abilities.
In other words, your ability is what brings about your relevance.
To further buttress the true meaning of value through this remarkable idea that evolves from acrostic term, which I was also able to carve out from the word E-S-S-E-N-C-E, is to illustrate a very salient point that will at the end make sense to you.
In fact, your ability to prove your virtues and values entirely depend on how well you are able to appreciate the whole essence of value, just by:
E- Efficaciously
S- Setting personal
S- Standard and
E- Essential goals with
N- Normative approach
C- Cultivated towards enhancing & building
E- Extraordinary worth or value status greater than the usual.
The dynamics and strength of the above acronym is a food for thought. Really, you will always be valued for what you posses in the inside as a virtue.
The judgment about how important you are is basically dependent on your personal opinion about yourself, rather than facts. The fact still remain that you were born to make positive things happen in the world around you and so long as your opinion or perception validates the fact that you are born to be great, that is it.
If on the other hand your sense of judgment tells you that you were born a weakling and a mediocre person, it is assumed that you don’t know why or what you were created for and that will keep you hurting between two opinions in life. The significance of your commercial acumen and viability cannot be overemphasized.
It is vital to say that your thought forms a greater part of your essence of existence, which ultimately forms a piercing quality status and finally your worth in the market-place.
To help you a little further, I was able to put together a road map that you will find interesting in the book.

This article is an extraction from a classic book authored by Chucks Dominic Morsi. Any interested publishers can WhatSapp 07068659640 or email: chucks.morsi2@gmail.com

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