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Feb 12, 2024


As Director, Cornerstone College, Lauds Elder Moses Iduh

By Sunday Memeh

The Executive Director, Cornerstone College, Cambridge, London, Mr. Errand has commended Chairman, People’s Democratic Party, (PDP), Vice Chairman, PDP, Delta North Senatorial District and Proprietor, Royal Mira British College, Owa-Oyibu, Ika North-East Local Government Area of Delta State, Elder Moses Iduh over the excellent performances of his students in the Educational Programme and other social activities, held in Cambridge, London.

Speaking in a video clip during one of the lectures, Mr. Errand congratulated the Proprietress of Royal Mira British College, Mrs. Ogor Iduh and the school’s Principal, Mr. Progress Arimonu, who travelled with the students for the Educational Programme for making efforts to do so.

Mr. Errand, a British, having taken his quality and precious time, watching the Royal Mira British College children addressing the crowd and providing good answers to all the questions they were asked, gave kudos to Elder Moses Iduh and his wife for jobs well done in the life of the children.

Mr. Errand asked other schools’ directors present at the event to and pray for the children. They described them as children with the great assets of the future Nigeria.

Mr. Errand used the opportunity to encourage Nigerians to register their children with Royal Mira British College, stating that he is very excited and proud to say,” I am partnering with the Royal Mira British College in Ika North-East Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria,” he said.

In addition, Mr. Errand encouraged Elder Moses Iduh and his wife to also send their students for educational programmes in his school as he is fully ready to accommodate them whenever they wish to visit his school.

Speaking in an interview, the Proprietress, Royal Mira British College, Owa-Oyibu, Mrs. Ogor Iduh, stated that the students were supposed to embark on the journey to their partner school, Cornerstone College, Cambridge in London in 2023 but said due to some issues on ground, they decided to postpone the journey to January 17th, 2024 to return on February 31st, 2024.

She appreciated God for making the visit a huge success. She equally thanked the parents of the children for allowing their children to travel with them and for providing the resources for the journey.

She saidthey also visited Queen Elizabeth’s Palace called, Birmingham Palace, Arsenal Stadium, London Cathedral, and other innovational places in the United Kingdom.

She noted that for a student to qualify for the Educational Programme abroad, such student must be physically fit in term of mental health, brilliant and lastly, he or she must come from a good family.

She added that the students must be from level 8, which is SS1 to level 12, (SS3) before he or she will be qualified to travel for the programme.

She further disclosed that their next travel for same educational programme  to Cornerstone College, Cambridge will be June 2024, and immediately after that, another group will prepare to visit their other partner schools in Cambridge in August, 2024.

She concluded by saying that their school’s curriculum is owned and controlled by Cornerstone College.