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Jul 21, 2018

An aspirant of Federal House of Representative, Ika Federal Constituency; Mr. Sebastine Okoh has resigned his position as the Executive Assistant to the Delta State Governor on Event Management.

He made his resignation known while briefing journalists at his campaign office along Old Lagos/Asaba road, Agbor on Wednesday, July 18, 2018. His words, “I have called this press briefing to let members of the public know that I have resigned my appointment as the Executive Assistant to the governor on Event Management. First and foremost, I thank God for the grace given to me to discharge my duties for the past three years successfully. I also expressed thanks to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa for the honour and privilege given to me to serve in his cabinet and the good people of Delta State.

“My resignation was as a result of my ambition to represent the good people of Ika nation at the Green Chamber (federal house of representative come 2019. The electoral guideline of my party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is out and there is need for me as an appointee to resign my position on or before 25th of July, 2018. My resignation takes effect from Friday, July 20, 2018. My joy is that within this three years of service as the Executive Assistant to the governor on Event Management, I have affected many lives positively for which I thank God. Therefore, I want to use this opportunity to let my numerous supporters and the good people of Ika land know that I am fully in the race of Federal House of Representative and that there is no going back”.

Below are questions and answers from the press briefing:

How prepared are you sir, knowing full well that the incumbent Hon. Victor Nwokolo is also vying for a third term in office?

Power comes from God, my ambition is divine. It is God who has the final say. My desire is not borne out of the quest for power, but rather to deliver the people of Ika federal constituency from bondage, poverty and starvation. I also want to use the office to unite Ika people, because there is strength in unity. In unity we can achieve progress. In unity Ika will become a better place. In unity, all these acrimony, bitterness, hatred among us will end. In all, I want to be a medium through which the voice of Ika people can be heard at all level.

It was said that the Federal House Representatives was zoned to Ika South, so being from Ika North East do you feel this call for equity will affect your ambition?

Sincerely, I am not aware of such arrangement.  My victory is rest assured God being on my side.  Power is from God and no man gives power, and it is my candid belief. One thing to know is that power does not come to you by sitting down, so you have to work to earn it. The Federal House Reps, Ika Federal Constituency race is open to all. If there is more credible person from Ika South LGA who desires to vie for this position should go ahead. I believe it is left for the masses to decide who the cap fits. Ika South and Ika North East are one. So whoever the cap fits, let him or her wear it.

If you fail to win the PDP ticket for Federal House of Reps after the upcoming primary elections, what will be your next move?

When that happens, my followers and supporters will decide on the next step to take.

Will your resignation affect the conduct of Ika Christmas Carnival?

No, as my being in government had no influence in organizing the carnival. It is a personal project and resignation will in no way prevent the carnival from holding. It can hold anytime if only the people can guarantee me a peaceful atmosphere.

What is your message to your teeming supporters as regard to your resignation?

My supporters have long waited for this day of my resignation as many before now are beginning to have doubt over ambition because I was still holding my appointment. I believe it would send a full signal towards the right direction. As far as this election is concerned, I am rest assured that it is a done deal because God has given us victory.

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