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May 12, 2018

The Dein of Agbor Kingdom, His Royal Majesty Dr. Benjamin Ikenchukwu Keagborekuzi I, has enjoined his subjects to stop promoting Igbo culture, describing the Agbor culture as ‘unique and peculiar’.


The Dein gave the admonition at his palace recently while giving his royal blessings to the new Iregwa of Ogbemudien Community, Pa. Bogi Abagi. He called on the good people of Agbor Kingdom to join hands with him to effect the changes he desires to be in place. According to him, “I am back and happy to be in the midst of my subjects. This kind of gathering gives me joy because it is an opportunity for me to learn more from my people. There is room for change, therefore my wish and desire for my subjects is that they adopt and respect every change that is being made. Going through the history of Agbor Kingdom, one will thank the gods for wisdom. Thus, everyone will join hands with me to reposition things the way they ought to be in order to restore our lost glory”.


He called on all Agbor indigenes to preserve Agbor culture and stop promoting Igbo culture. His words, “stop giving our children Igbo names. The native names given to our children should be pronounced and written in Agbor language and not in Igbo or Ika language as Agbor has its own unique language. The Igbo red cap should also be dropped as it is not a native cap for Agbor Kingdom. Soon, I will start driving away my palace chiefs who are fond of coming to the palace, wearing in red caps. Agbor traditions should be respected and preserved for future generations.  Parents and the elderly should teach our children and the youths the culture of Agbor”.

The Odion of Agbor Kingdom, Chief Julius Ochei who led the new Iregwa and the people of Ogbemudien to the Dein’s Palace for blessing, said the Iregwa title goes to the oldest man in Ogbemudien Community, stating that it is the turn of Pa. John Bogi Abagi who is 89 years and the oldest man. The Iregwa, according to Chief Ochie is the traditional head of Ogbemudein Community in Agbor Kingdom.

In a chat with Ika Weekly Newspaper Reporter, the Chairman of Ogbemudien Community, Hon. Simon Okpali lauded the Dein for his wealth of knowledge and prayed the good Lord to empower him. He expressed his confidence in the new Iregwa of Ogbemudien to lead well and thanked the Dein for his blessings.

Julius Ehiabor, the Onu-otu of Ogbemudein Community, on his part, said Pa. Abagi leadership is good and that the good people of Ogbemudien Community are happy. He prayed God to give the new Iregwa good health and long life.

Mr. Johnbull Okwuogori Aghaulor felicitating with the Iregwa, appealed to him to continue to lead them in truth. He prayed God to bless the Dein of Agbor, the Iregwa, Ogbemudein Community and Agbor Kingdom.

Responding, Pa. Abagi thanked the Dein, saying that his joy knows no bounds, while soliciting for the cooperation of every son and daughter of Ogbemudein Community to enable him give the Dein the needed support to move Agbor Kingdom forward.



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