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Jan 20, 2019

Sequence to our last week’s publication about the murdered of the Idume Chief Priest, Chief Stephen Ogoegbulem Okpuzor, aka, Ogbuosisi, we have in this week’s edition brought to our highly esteemed readers the face of the murder of the said Chief Priest whose name was given as Mr. Onyeka Efedi; the late Chief Okpuzor’s nephew.

A source from Okpuzor’s family (name withheld) who spoke with newsmen said the culprit, Onyeka told them that he deliberately plotted the suspected murder of his uncle with his friends because his uncle was a wizard and the architect of his misfortune.

The source further revealed that when Onyeka returned from his sojourn to Germany, he took some of his friends to beat up his late father’s immediate junior sister who was also resident in Idumuesah.

According to the source, “Onyeka said his late father’s brother, Chief Dr. Stephen Ogoegbulem Okpuzor was the one behind his misfortune and also responsible for his repatriation from Germany.

One of the late Okpuzor son speaking said, “My father was a very good man. I know that as a human being, cannot be 100% perfect but if my father did not kill me, I don’t see any reason why I should see him as a wizard or the devil in our family.

“To worsen it all, Onyeka has also sent a message to us that he will wipe out all my father’s children the same way he murdered our father. On this note, I am appealing “to the government, particularly the security agencies to come to our aid and help us apprehend Mr. Onyeka and his friends before he will cause more damages.

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