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May 7, 2023


By: Augustine Omilo

All around the world, each time the cost of living is mentioned, many people gaze their focus on what the rate of inflation is in their countries. This assumes that the cost of living is hinged on the strength of money in providing the basic necessities of life, especially food, shelter and clothing. They appropriate the economic measurement derived from these money-to-life value as the standard of living of the people.

However, in determining the cost of living, modern social scientists have begun to attach costs to occurrences or experiences of man on earth as a result of longevity. People with this line of thought are of the opinion that whatever comes the way of man as a result of his being alive to witness such forms part of his cost of living. In other words, any experience of man, whether positive or negative would have been avoided if he submitted himself to death earlier.

Everyman created by the Almighty is an investment to the world with purposes to be accomplished. And it is in the course of man striving to accomplish these that he engages himself in acts that protects him from dying.

It is therefore, only the realization of these facts that can subject any living person to positioning himself at the door steps of gratitude to God for the opportunity to witness whatever he is faced with. These are disguised opportunities for him to actualize the reasons behind his being alive – the costs of living.

Cost of living is not restricted to the economic status of a nation. It cuts across all strata of human existence. Any political leader who fails to deliver on the mandate given to him by the electors burdens himself with guilt as a failed investment. Just like any other forms of economic investments, anyone who fails to identify his purpose for living is bound to fail, thereby bringing disappointment to stakeholders. While the stakeholders in the case of companies include shareholders, board of directors, management and employees, those for the humans are the Almighty Himself, parents, relations, teachers and the society.


Nigeria is on the march again! As victorious political leaders are jostling to be sworn-in from May 29 this year, opportunities beckon on them to justify the purpose of their being at the helms of affairs in Nigeria at this time. They must understand that the people as representatives of God are eager to see them bring a new world order aimed at peace in the universe. The nation needs this too.

For the avoidance of doubts, some the areas that need the attention of leaders include, but not limited to the unity of the country. Imagine a country where there is love for one another! There will be no security threats of any sort. People will be propelled to live anywhere in the country and unleash their potentials on the economic needs of the nation. There cannot be gainsaying the fact that there is strength in unity.

At the economic policy level, serious attempts must be put in place to reverse the continued sliding of the value of the naira compared to the dollar and other major currencies of the world. Something needs to be done to “help” naira gain strength. Since the earlier redesign and cashless policy of the naira failed in the manner its implementation was handled, alternatives must be put in place in addition to the December 31 2023 date for revisiting it.

The cost of education is too high for Nigerians to cope with. If the nation must develop, her educational sector must take the lead. In the absence of free education at all levels, there can be grants for students at all levels to access. The country cannot afford to continue to have majority of her citizens as illiterates. The quality of education must also be vastly improved upon. Emphases must shift from certificate acquisition to “sabiticate”.

Something urgent demands equally to be done to reverse the trend in the nation’s economic value system. The get-rich-quick syndrome deserves thorough evaluation with a view to checkmating it. It is not helping the youths of the society. This requires of course that something must be done to meaningfully engage their time towards the direction of legitimately empowering them economically.

No one can deny the fact that democracy has brought many benefits to the world’s most populous black nation. Moving forward therefore need determined efforts towards consolidation and further growth. The constitution as well as the electoral process must get the attention, they deserve in advancing the country.

On the part of the citizens, everyone deserves self-education for love, peace, unity, perseverance and patriotism. These are some of the miscellaneous prices everybody must pay in order to get the country out of the wood. Do your part. I promise to do mine. The Almighty is also watching us and his investments in you and I for this purpose.



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