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Mar 24, 2018

Life is all about choices and decision. As humans, there are many things we do not have control over in our lives, with exception of three things. These are; our thoughts, the images we visualize and the action we take (our behavior). Mastering good decision making involves learning to make those choices and decisions that hold joy and peace. When you take the right decision, you are also choosing success at its highest level. You create the reality you experience by the choices and decisions you make. The foremost path to getting the things you want out of life is deciding what you want.


What you have and what you are today are the results of all the choices and decisions you had made in the past. Many of your choices must have been passive, made without conscious examination. Many have been used in your past programming. Nevertheless, you can begin now to make more conscious and right choices. Acknowledge that where you are today is as a result of past choices, and realize that at every moment, you are actually creating your reality. If you are not happy with what you have created so far, you can learn to make different choices and change your life into one that brings you joy and whatever else you want.

Some choices are subtle, but there is usually one alternative that carries more certainty, that will put you on a slightly better path and help you express your uniqueness than the others. By making the right choice, you accelerate your growth and success. It is important to develop your ability to discriminate and make the right choice to live a life of fulfillment and joy.

When you want to make a choice and the best option is not obvious, ask yourself some questions. If all choices look equally good, ask, “Which decision holds the joy most for me and something I would love to do.” Then pick the option that gives you the highest degree of joy. Even if the joyful choice does not appear to promise as much money, in the long run it will be far more profitable than the choice that is not as joyful. Do not make your choice based on how much money it appears you will make; follow the path of your heart which will subsequently bring you more abundance.

If all choices seem equally joyful, ask, “Which choice make the most sense to follow and is the most practical for me right now?” the best choice will always make a practical sense. If the choices are still equal, ask, “Which choice makes the greatest contribution to mankind, or allows me the greatest opportunity to serve others or most especially, glorify the name of God?” It is wiser not to put yourself in a position that you have to make immediate decisions without time to thoroughly think things out.

Purity and integrity of your energy or efforts are very important because your integrity guides you to consider only those things that are in harmony with the deepest part of your being. Your integrity leads you to those choices and situations that are prosperous for you. You know when you are maintaining your integrity and when you are not. If you feel that you are compromising your ideals, doing something for money that does not feel comfortable to you, you are not operating within your integrity. Honour your integrity and you will be repaid a thousand time over with increased true prosperity.

It is important; to feel good about everything you do, to act upon your values, and to be honest with the people you deal with. Your integrity challenges you to look at what is real and important to you, and to choose that over illusions, promises, and glamour. Honour every one you deal with and commit everything you do to God. Your energy and being are your gifts from God to the world.

Lastly, wealth made from integrity is money of peace and joy that will bring good to you and others. Recognize and appreciate how far you have gone in your success pursuits, honour your integrity and make good choices. Advisedly, do not, according to Robert Fritz limit, your choices only to what seem possible or reasonable or else you will disconnect yourself from what you truly want. Just believe in yourself and go for it. Remember nothing happens until you take decision.

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